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LOOK: 24 idioms most Bisaya natives used

Mga Higala, let’s celebrate Buwan Ng Wika by uplifting not only our national language, Filipino, but also the culture of our mother-tongues! As we all know, the Philippines, apart from its 7,641 islands, also have around 120-187 languages and dialects. While English and Filipino are the nation’s official lingo, Cebuano or Bisaya language predominant rules the regions VII, IX, X, XI, and Caraga.  

What idioms are you familiar with?

bisaya-idiom-messy bisaya-idiom-ugly bisaya-idiom-on-repeat bisaya-idiom-fast bisaya-idiom-pulag-lubot bisaya-idiom-uhong bisaya-idiom-myths bisaya-idiom-silence bisaya-idiom-spoiled bisaya-idiom-no-manners bisaya-idiom-torpe bisaya-idiom-graze bisaya-idiom-relieve bisaya-idiom-kandingon bisaya-idiom-bored bisaya-idiom-laa-ug-dila bisaya-idiom-white-bird bisaya-idiom-empty bisaya-idiom-naive bisaya-idiom-sleepy bisaya-idiom-foolish bisaya-idiom-not-listening bisaya-idiom-tactless bisaya-idiom-old Fun Fact: Mampor or Joaquin Monfort is a Spanish Captain that came to Cebu in 1896. One of the Bisaya Katipuneros enemies, Monfort became famous with his hostility and ill-manners. The native elders had trouble pronouncing Monfort, hence calling him Mampor. — What idioms did we miss on the list? Let us know in the comment section below!

2 responses to “LOOK: 24 idioms most Bisaya natives used”

  1. Michael Avatar

    Thank you for this article po. This is very informative. I found minor mistakes lang naman po such as
    *Layo ra’s TINA-E (intestines)
    *Inig puti sa uwak

    1. Jeraiza Molina Avatar
      Jeraiza Molina

      Thank you for pointing these out, Michael. We’ll make the necessary changes accordingly.

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