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10 Tech companies to work for in the Philippines 2021


With the popularity of technology comes the need for Information Technology (IT) experts. As a result, IT is now more than ever a popular (and lucrative) industry to get into! And let’s be honest here, remote work these days comes off as more accessible to people who know their way around a computer.

Technology lessens the use of paper and pens; it helps save time with outstanding innovations and inventions! It does a lot to make peoples’ lives easier. So having new minds in the field can only usher in change for the better.

Regardless of your intentions, we’ve got you covered with this list of top IT companies in the Philippines that aspirants might want to submit their resumes too! Read on for the top ten picks!

So this list is for the newly-minted IT guys! Of course, it’s also for people looking to apply to an IT company in the Philippines! But if you’re just here to check on the competition, that’s cool too. 

Here are some great IT Companies in the Philippines!

Not in a particular order

TechnoGlobal Team Inc.

TechnoGlobal Team Inc. prides itself on its Offshore Solutions! This Philippines-based IT company finds the perfect offshore Filipino staff to handle client requirements. As part of Techno Group of Companies, TechnoGlobal brings over 20 years of ICT specialist experience to the table.


Intelegencia is an IT company with locations in the United States, Ireland, India, and of course, the Philippines. Additionally, their services include Product Architecture, Software Engineering, Data Analytics, and BPO. Intelegencia’s even got a finger in the pies of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

Main Source 365 Tech LLC

Main Source takes care of IT Solutions for businesses and homes alike! In addition, they advertise their Remote IT as “reliable.” Main Source has been in business for seven years and counting. Also, this IT Company of the Philippines has a wide range of IT-related services, such as computer repair.

1902 Software Development Corporation

While 1902 wasn’t founded in 1902 (It was in 1998!), this IT company in the Philippines is still known for its excellent results! 1902 is a 22-year old Danish IT company that handles web development, custom software, and designing and creating mobile applications. In addition, they also provide IT support!

White Widget 

White Widget is a Philippine IT company comprised of go-getters who’ll do what it takes to deliver quality work. They’ve provided websites and web apps to several high-profile clients! White Widget’s clients include but are not limited to the Department of Trade and Industry, Grab, and the British Manila School! Additionally, they also handle games, animation, security, and data science. 


Pragtechnologies is another IT Company based in the Philippines; they handle software engineering. Web, mobile, AI, Blockchain, IOT, they’ve got the expertise to make their clients’ ideas a reality! Plus, they take care of project design. As an IT company with integrity and respect, Pragtechnologies aims to deliver top-quality work!

Accenture Philippines

With offices all around the globe and projects in several industries, Accenture is undoubtedly a place to be! Accenture can help out with Application Services, BPO or Business Process Outsourcing, and more! In addition, they provide services for Artificial Intelligence and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Marketing Media Cloud

A Certified Partner of Hubspot, Marketing Media Cloud deals in growing businesses! Considering that they assist with digital advertising and search engine marketing, it checks out. Also, this Philippines-based IT company takes care of online business development!


Eastvantage is an outsourcing company that’s got you covered in the areas of Technology, Business Management, CRM or Customer Relationship Management, and E-commerce! Eastvantage outsources Philippine-based staff tailored to handle client requirements, thus helping those clients’ businesses grow even further.

Thirty One Digital Media Solutions

Thirty-One Digital Media Solutions is one of the more reputable IT Companies in the Philippines, as they have a couple of high-profile clients! These include McDonald’s, Toblerone Philippines, and Ayala Land, Inc. The reason for such a clientele is Thirty One’s emphasis on solving client problems with real solutions.

Go get IT!

The IT industry has made great strides to get where they are now, and they are sure to make even more strides from this day onward! Of course, there are a lot of reputable IT companies in the Philippines, and this list only covered a fraction of them. But hopefully, this list could enlighten you on the many potential employers in the Philippine IT industry.

Have any of these names piqued your interest? Think you have what it takes to join their ranks? Now, you can always head over to their business websites to check on their requirements. However, when it comes to the application part, you’ve just got to believe that you can do it! After all, we miss 100% of the shots we don’t take! 

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