XU Psych calls for responsible reporting on mental health problems, suicide-related deaths

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PRESS STATEMENT: Let us help break the stigma surrounding conversations about mental health by emphasizing stories of hope and recovery.

Xavier University Department of Psychology released a statement on Monday, May 10, calling for responsible news reporting on mental health problems and suicide-related deaths.

“In view of recent social media posts of local news reports about self-harm behaviors and suicide, the Xavier Ateneo Department of Psychology strongly condemns the dissemination of personal information about these sensitive and extremely stigmatized issues, as well as the dissemination of information that invades the privacy of the persons and families affected,” the press statement read.

It continued: “While we understand that other pieces of information in the local news report are news items, there is no need and purpose for the public to know details like the name of the person and specific address.”

“Likewise, being personal information, such exposure without due regard to the sensitivity of the issue potentially violates the privacy rights of the family,” it added.

Read the full statement below.

—(Source: Xavier University)

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