WATCH: Taylor Swift drops ‘I Bet You Think About Me’ —the reddest music video EVER


American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift continues to surprise fans, dropping the music video of her song I Bet You Think About Me two days after releasing the 10-minute short film of All Too Well.

Released on Monday, I Bet You Think About Me is part of the album Red (Taylor’s Version) From The Vault tracks that didn’t make it to the singer’s original 2012 album.

“The reddest video EVER is out now. Directed by [Blake Lively] who SMASHED it just like I smashed this cake,” Swift said in a tweet

The music video features Miles Teller as Swift’s ex, who is set to marry another woman. Swift crashes the ceremony as she performs the song, ruins the wedding cake, and mingles with the guests while her ex reminisces about their failed relationship.

Since its premiere on November 15, the music video has gained nearly 11 million views on YouTube as of writing.

See lyrics below.

3am and I’m still awake
I bet you’re just fine, fast asleep in your city
That’s better than mine
And the girl in your bed has a fine pedigree
And I’ll bet your friends tell you she’s better than me

Well I tried to fit in with your upper-crust circles
Yeah, they let me sit in back when we were in love
Oh they sit around talking ‘bout the meaning of life
And the book that just saved ‘em that I hadn’t heard of

But now that we’re done and it’s over
I bet you couldn’t believe
When you realized I’m harder to forget
Than I was to leave
And I bet you think about me

You grew up in a silver spoon gated community
Glamorous shiny bright Beverly Hills
I was raised on a farm, no it wasn’t a mansion
Just living room dancing and kitchen table bills
But you know what they say
You can’t help who you fall for
And you and I fell like an early spring snow
But reality crept in, you said we’re too different
You laughed at my dreams, rolled your eyes at my jokes

Mr. Superior Thinking
Do you have all the space that you need?
I don’t have to be your shrink to know that
You’ll never be happy
And I bet you think about me

I bet you think about me, yes,
I bet You think about me

Oh, block it all out
The voices so loud saying
Why did you let her go
Does it make you feel sad
That the love that you’re looking for
Is the love that you had

Now you’re out in the world, searching for your soul
Scared not to be hip, scared to get old
Chasing make-believe status
Last time you felt free was when none of that shit mattered
Cause you were with me

But now that we’re done and it’s over
I bet it’s hard to believe
But it turned out I’m harder to forget
Than I was to leave
And, yeah, I bet you think about me

I bet you think about me, yes
I bet you think about me
I bet you think about me when you’re out
At your cool indie music concerts every week
I bet you think about me in your house
With your organic shoes and your million dollar couch
I bet you think about me when you say “oh my god
She’s insane, she wrote a song about me”
I bet you think about me

The 31-year-old singer embarked on remaking six of her studio albums, starting with the 2008 record Fearless up to 2017’s Reputation as her masters were not legally hers per contract with label Big Machine Records.

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