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WATCH: Riot Games drops new Valorant map teaser


Fracture is the most unique map so far

Riot Games officially announced VALORANT’s new map, Fracture, on Wednesday, September 1. 

The divided world of Fracture is the seventh map in VALORANT map coming in Reflection, Act II.

As reported by Polygon, the upcoming map “reverses attackers and defenders” gameplay, making “both sides play a little differently than they’re used to.”

Fracture is shaped like a giant letter “H.” There are two bombsites on the map with the connecting section of the “H” in-between. While you might expect the middle section to be the attacker’s spawn, it’s actually the other way around. On Fracture, defenders start in the middle, leaving the spawn area to defend the sites on either side. Meanwhile, the attackers can pinch in toward the defenders from either side. To help make transitioning from one area of the map to another a little easier, there are also ziplines that run from one side to the other that run below the map.


The map will switch up the regular VALORANT map format, allowing attackers to push defenders and the latter to make the first move. 

Fracture is set to come to VALORANT as part of the patch 3.05 update, along with the arrival of Episode 3 Act 2 on September 9.

Watch the official map teaser below.


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