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WATCH: Maymay Entrata’s Latest Music Video ‘Autodeadma’ Released

watch maymay entrata autodeadma music video

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Star Music, one of the leading music labels in the Philippines, has recently released the official music video for “Autodeadma,” the newest single of multi-talented artist Maymay Entrata ft. rapper Wooseok from the popular K-pop group Pentagon.

Released on various music streaming platforms last Friday, the music video for “Autodeadma” is now available on the official YouTube page of Star Music. Directed by Kerbs Balagtas, the almost four-minute video was produced by YouMeUS MNL, the same creative content agency behind the music video for Entrata’s hit “Amakabogera.”

The track was composed by a team of talented songwriters, including EJ Bolano, Loriebelle Aira Darunday, Justin Catalan, Rox Santos, Jonathan Manalo, and Jung Wooseok. 

Meanwhile, Santos and Manalo, who are known for producing hit songs for some of the biggest names in the Philippine music industry, produced the track and arranged it with the help of Catalan.

“Autodeadma” is a term coined by Maymay Entrata herself, which means ignoring hate and negativity and choosing to be happy instead. The song’s uplifting message and catchy beat have already captured the hearts of fans, for its creative visuals and inspiring theme.

With her latest release, Maymay Entrata proves that she is not just a talented actress and television personality but also a rising star in the Philippine music scene. Fans can’t wait to see what she has in store for them next.

Check out the music video below: 

Maymay Entrata and K-pop rapper Wooseok teased video Collaboration

On Monday, April 17, Maymay Entrata teased that she’d be collaborating with a K-pop artist for her upcoming single, “AUTODEADMA.” The video showed a glimpse of Wooseok as he greeted Maymay.

PENTAGON is known for its 2018 hit single “Shine,” and performed in the Philippines in October 2022 at the Hallyuween concert. The primary rapper and maknae (youngest member) of the group, Wooseok, is also known as the Hallyu star!

Maymay’s label, Star Pop, revealed the collaboration on its social media pages. The song will be released on Friday, April 28.

The news of her latest single “Autodeadma,” and the collaboration with Wooseok of PENTAGON, has heightened the excitement among her fans, who are expecting another hit from the talented Filipina singer. – WhatALife!/Jayve

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