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Vlogger ‘Boy Tapang’ apologizes for using P1M cash as a kite

vlogger boy tapang apologizes for using p1m cash as a kite

Cebuano vlogger Ronnie Suan, more popularly known as “Boy Tapang,” has publicly apologized for making a kite out of P1,000 bills in his hometown in Alcoy, Cebu.

Suan deleted the video on Facebook following an investigation by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). 

However, the same content is still available on the YouTube channel “Erika and BoyTapang Vlogs,” which is also his.

The video shows Boy Tapang and his friends collecting P1,000 bills, amounting to P1 million, for their kite that they later flew. The video was posted two weeks ago.

Hindi ko po intention na laruan ang pera dahil galing ako sa mahirap… Humihingi po ako ng sorry sa lahat ng mga viewers ko, mga supporters ko lalo na sa Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas,” he said.

Gusto ko lang po sabihin sa lahat ng tao na huwag niyo po paglaruan ang pera. Pahalagaan po natin ang pera, i-value natin ang pera,” the vlogger added. 

He has over 3.9 million followers on Facebook.

He claimed that he created the kite for amusement and to set a record that a kite made from 1,000 pieces of P1,000 can only be found in their municipality.

When asked when he made the money kite and shot the video, he said he couldn’t recall precisely, but it was sometime last week.

Suan claimed that he consulted with a lawyer before creating the kite. The lawyer advised him that it would not be illegal if the money bills were not damaged.

He said he used scotch tape to make the kite, which was more than a meter long. He flew the kite into an open vacant lot near their place to avoid entanglement and damage to the money.

Presidential Decree (PD) 247 prohibits and penalizes defacement, mutilation, tearing, burning, or destruction of central bank notes and coins. 

Violation constitutes a fine of over P20,000 and imprisonment of under five years.


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