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Vice Ganda apologizes to Anne Curtis after viral endorsement joke 

vice ganda apologizes to anne curtis after viral endorsement joke

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Popular entertainer Vice Ganda utilized social media to reassure netizens that both them and Anne Curtis are doing well.

Over the weekend, a segment from an episode of “It’s Showtime” gained attention online, featuring Vice playfully prompting Anne to utter a tagline associated with a brand that directly competes with one endorsed by the actress. Upon realizing the connection to Vice’s endorsement, Anne promptly apologized on-air, emphasizing that it was not her intention.

On X (formerly Twitter), Anne said there is “no need for negative energy.”

“Morning everyone. Guys, kalma. No need for such negative energy. Vice and I are fine. It was a lapse of judgment on both sides. At least we can move forward and be careful. Ganyan ang biriun backstage but syempre dapat iba pag on air. Kaya kalma. It’s a beautiful day. Gawin na lang #BidaAngSaya every day! ?HAHAHAHA!” Anne wrote on X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday. 

Vice shared the mentioned tweet and expressed their own thoughts on the matter.

“Ang kj mo! Ok yan para trending! Chozzz!!! But yes it was lapse of judgement. It was our usual “brandagulan” moment na late nya narealize so nasabi nya ung tagline ng di nya namalayan. I apologized to her And pinagtawanan n lng namin. Our sisterhood will always be Nice Ganda!” Vice wrote. 

“I apologized to her and pinagtawanan na lang namin,” she added. 

“At least we can move forward and be [careful],” Vice said.

The controversy emerged when Anne Curtis inadvertently incorporated the well-known tagline from Vice’s competitor in the food chain endorsement during their show.

This incident sparked conversations regarding their individual social media endorsements, with Anne currently endorsing Jollibee and Vice being a brand ambassador for McDonald’s Philippines.

In the “Especially For You” segment, Vice requested Anne to say “nice,” and she did. Following that, she was prompted to say “ganda,” and she obliged. It was only later that she realized she had used Vice Ganda’s line from his recent McDonald’s fried chicken commercial. On-air, she promptly apologized for the unintentional mistake.


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