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USTP remains on top with 2024 Mech Engineering Licensure Exam


The University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) has once again clinched the top spot in the February 2024 Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam.

In the recently released licensure exam results, USTP achieved a remarkable back-to-back accomplishment in the 2024 Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam, with a passing rate of 97.33%, where 73 out of the 75 examinees passed, solidifying its reputation as a leading center for engineering education.

Among the standout performers in the exam is Lhendi T. Caga, whose exceptional performance earned her the prestigious fourth spot in the February 2024 Certified Plant Mechanic (CPM) board exam. 

Caga’s accomplishment highlights the caliber of talent nurtured at USTP and underscores the institution’s role in shaping future engineering leaders.

The success of USTP in the recent licensure exams is a testament to the university’s holistic approach to education, which combines rigorous academic training with practical experience and industry-relevant skills. 

With its continued dedication to innovation and student-centered learning, USTP sets a benchmark for engineering education in the Philippines and beyond, inspiring future generations to pursue their passion for engineering with confidence and determination.


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