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The Rose Parade 2024: A Celebratory Showcase of Music, Tradition, and Unity

the rose parade 2024 a celebratory showcase of music tradition and unity

The Rose Parade is an annual New Year’s celebration in the United States, commencing in Pasadena, California. The Rose Parade in 2024 begins on Colorado Boulevard and travels five and a half miles with four types of participants: floats decorated with flowers by participating corporations, non-profit organizations or municipalities, equestrian units, bands, and Tournament participants. The parade has long-standing contestants with an extensive history with the Tournament of Roses, keeping the tradition alive.

Discover more about the Parade

The Rose Parade is held annually and involves up to nine hundred and thirty-five volunteers, known as “White Suiters” due to their distinctive attire. These volunteers, part of the “Tournament of the Roses,” dedicate considerable time to guarantee the success of the parade.

The History of the Rose Parade

The inaugural parade took place in 1890, spearheaded by a private social club in Pasadena, California known as the “Valley Hunt Club.” The aim was to highlight Southern California’s vibrant winter flowers. The initial parade featured horse-drawn carriages adorned with a variety of colorful flowers, and was accompanied by games such as chariot races, jousting, foot races, and tug-of-war. Furthermore, it was first televised in the 1940s and, notably, the 1954 parade was the first color television broadcast in the United States. 

Where will the Rose Bowl be held in 2024?

The Rose Bowl game this year is held in Pasadena, California and showcases a College Football Playoff game between Michigan and Alabama for the national championship against Washington or Texas. 

Who performed at the Rose Parade in 2024?

Numerous notable names performed in this year’s parade. Singers included Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child, David Archuleta, Cassadee Pope from “The Voice”, and singer/songwriter/producer Rush Davis, who performed “Keep Dreaming” on the Honda float for the parade’s opening.

For the parade’s finale, Jordin Sparks graced the audience with her performance. She performed her 2008 hit “No Air” dressed in a white, black, and red corset, surrounded by dancers in red, white, and green clothing. She performed on a float that showcased a sign reading “ROSE PARADE”.

What is the age of the Rose Parade?

This year’s Tournament of Roses Parade is celebrating its 135th run. This year’s parade was celebrated with the theme “Celebrating a World of Music: The Universal Language”. 

The theme for 2024 was announced by Tournament of Roses President, Alex Aghajanian, stating, “The 2024 theme brings us together through music. In a world of different cultures, beliefs, hopes, and dreams, one language unites us all– music. The sound, texture, rhythm, form, harmony, and expression meld together to move, soothe, excite, and delight the world. From bossa nova to blues, classical to country, metal to mariachi, and rock to rap, thousands of genres invite us to become one in celebrating a world of music. Whether near or far, young or old, we invite you to year-long festivities that culminate on New Year’s Day at the Rose Parade. Let the music begin!”

Which network will broadcast the Rose Bowl in 2024?

This year’s events are available to watch on United States national broadcasts on the following channels:

  • ABC
  • Cowboy Channel
  • Cowgirl Channel
  • Great American Family
  • KTLA 5
  • NBC
  • RFD-TV
  • Univision

For streaming partners, this year’s events are available on the following platforms:

  • Fubo
  • Local Now
  • OTT Studio
  • Pluto TV
  • Sport TV
  • The Grio

The Rose Bowl’s activities are broadcasted internationally in Armenia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and on the American Forces Network. However, the games are exclusively broadcasted on ESPN. 


The Rose Parade in 2024 is certainly a New Year’s Day event to celebrate. Many people devote themselves to the Tournament of Roses, attracting hundreds of volunteers and countless spectators each year. Undoubtedly, the parade has achieved numerous milestones in parade culture and television.

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