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ICYMI: Nobita and Shizuka tie the knot in new Doraemon movie


Calling all Nobita-Shizuka shippers: In case you didn’t get the wedding invitation, your OTP has finally tied the knot!

Doraemon fans stirred the internet yesterday, January 21, as netizens celebrated the marriage of Nobita and Shizuka in the animated film ‘Stand By Me Doremon 2’.

The movie, a 2014 sequel film of the same name, is based on the popular Japanese manga series Doraemon. The sequel directly picks up after where we left Nobita.

Since its theatrical release in Japan last November, fans across the globe have been anticipating for its international release. 

The first film is the highest-grossing film of the Doraemon franchise, with a $196.4 million box office in Japan. Given the series’ success, fans are looking forward to seeing the story continue.

‘Stand By Me Doraemon 2’ is set to hit theaters this February.

In the meantime, watch the trailer below (with English subtitles).

Finally, the happy ending closure we all need!

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