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Sheynnis Palacios of Nicaragua Crowned as Miss Universe 2023

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Sheynnis Palacios of Nicaragua has made history by winning the coveted Miss Universe 2023 title in a stunning victory.

The 72nd Miss Universe, featuring over 80 delegates, was held at the Jose Adolfo Pineda Arena in El Salvador on November 19, 2023. Her exceptional wit and elegance set her apart from the rest and ultimately led to her crowning.

Australia’s Moraya Wilson is the second runner up while Anntonia Porsild of Thailand placed as the first runner up.

Sheynnis Palacios, a 23-year-old TV host and model, is the first Nicaraguan to win the Miss Universe title.

Before her Miss Universe 2023 win, Palacios had shown her prowess in the Miss World 2021 competition as Miss World Nicaragua 2020, making it to the top 40.

Sheynnis Palacios embarked on her modeling and pageant journey quite early, earning the title of Miss Teen Nicaragua in 2016.

In the finale, her striking silver gown and blue cape captivated all, symbolizing her grace, sophistication, and her ties to her home, Nicaragua.

In addition to her beauty, she demonstrated her intelligence during the Top 3 Q&A. When asked, “If you could live one year in another woman’s shoes, who would you choose and why?”

Palacios answered Mary Wollstonecraft and said, “I would choose Mary Wollstonecraft because she opened the gap and gave an opportunity to many women. I would want that gap to open up so that more women could work in any area they choose to work in because there is no area where women could not work in.”

Meanwhile, the Philippines’ Michelle Dee fell short, concluding her Miss Universe 2023 journey at the Top 10. She thanked her Filipino fans for supporting her all throughout her Miss Universe journey. 

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