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Seo Ye-Ji, the female lead of the upcoming drama, ‘EVE

seo ye ji female lead of upcoming drama eve

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — South Korean actress, Seo Ye-Ji, will have her comeback for the upcoming tvN drama ‘EVE,’ playing its female lead.

According to tvN’s tweet earlier today (April 22) on its Twitter account, the melodrama revenge series will have its first broadcast this coming Wednesday, May 25.

Alongside the announcement is the full 56-second video of the drama’s production, revealing the character of Ye Ji for the first time.

The posted video got the attention of the viewers because of her sophisticated visual character representation and received positive feedback as people expressed their excitement for her return after her months of hiatus due to a controversy.

“I don’t care about her past controversy. She’s a good actress, so I’m looking forward to the drama,” a commentator stated.

The series’ storyline unravels hidden mysteries encircling a divorce lawsuit amounting to 2 trillion won of a financial association that is shocking for the nation. 

Ye-Ji will take on the role of Lee Rael’s character. 

Rael, as a child, had witnessed the horrific murder of her father and is spending her life plotting an act of perfect revenge for almost 13 years.

The television program confirmed that they will be airing it on Wednesday and Thursday starting its release date.

Prior to the actress’s controversy, she released her formal apology statement on February 27 this year, after ten months of Dispatch’s published report about her ordering her former boyfriend, Kim Jung-hyun, to modify the drama’s script of ‘Time’ and remove its romantic script. 

Jung-hyun then released a handwritten apology letter to the staff and his co-star that addressed his behavior.

Ye-Ji’s role in the famous Korean series ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ and ‘Lawless Lawyer’ gives her a rising fame from exhibiting her acting skills. She is also a trending topic on Twitter prior to the announcement. – WhatALife!

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