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“Senior High” sequel works with new cast members

senior high sequel works with new cast members

Following the first season’s success, the High Street Conference reveals what to expect from the upcoming season as a sequel is officially in the works. 

The original cast members, led by Andrea Brillantes, are set to reprise their roles, bringing back the familiar faces that viewers have grown to love. 

Joining Andrea Brillantes are Juan Karlos Labajo, Zaijian Jaranilla, Xyriel Manabat, Elijah Canlas, Miggy Jimenez, Gela Atayde, and Tommy Alejandrino, promising a continuation of the captivating storyline.

Mon Confiado, whose villainous character stunned fans with a shocking plot twist in the previous season, will also return to the series. 

Additionally, seasoned actors Angel Aquino, Gerard Madrid, Angeli Bayani, Ana Abad Santos, Rans Rifol, and Inka Magnaye were present at the recent story conference, expressing their anticipation for the new season.

Excitingly, the sequel will introduce fresh faces to the ensemble cast, including Ralph de Leon, AC Bonifacio, and Harvey Bautista. 

Ralph, a newcomer to the industry, expressed his surreal excitement at being part of such a talented group of actors.

Veteran actors Romnick Sarmenta and Dimples Romana will inject new flavors into the series, with Sarmenta eager to delve deeper into the stories of the younger generation, drawing inspiration from his own Gen Z children. 

On the other hand, Dimples is confident that the sequel, “High Street,” will not only highlight the struggles of young people but also showcase their triumphs over adversity.

Based on discussions among the cast, Season 2 will pick up five years after the graduation of the main characters from Northford High School, promising a new chapter infused with maturity and growth. 

Andrea Brillantes confessed to feeling excited and pressured to deliver a sequel surpassing its predecessor’s success.

As anticipation builds for “High Street,” fans are already theorizing about the direction of the new season. 

With a talented cast and intriguing storyline, it’s clear that “Senior High” fans have much to look forward to in the upcoming sequel.

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