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SB19’s ‘Bazinga’ music video hits 4M views on Youtube

Bazinga 4M Views

It’s another day of winning again for Filipino group SB19 as their music video for their song ‘Bazinga’ hits 4 million views on Youtube!

The video, which was released back on October 29, 2021, now has 4,022,224 views. The music video first starts off with the boys in a living room, playing a video game, and the screen showing ‘Bazinga.’ They then become players of the game and the video simultaneously cut through scenes of their catchy choreography.

On January 20, 2022, the song also celebrated its sixth week at number one on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs.

Fans celebrated on Twitter and “BAZINGA 4M VIEWS” joins the Philippine trends.

Here are some tweets from the fans:

Are you a fan of the boys? Add up to the views by playing the video!

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