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Rob Gomez faces issue with beauty queens

rob gomez faces issue with beauty queens

MANILA, Philippines – Actor Rob Gomez faces cheating accusations after private conversation with beauty queens Herlene Budol and Bianca Manalo leaked on social media.

The official Facebook page of the actor posted some conversations and tagged the page “Rob gomez and herlene budol Roblene”.

Several screenshots circulating online depict what appears to be flirtatious conversations with Herlene Budol, Miss Philippines Tourism 2023 and Rob’s co-star in the Kapuso drama series “Magandang Dilag,”.

According to a user on the X platform (formerly Twitter), messages from Miss Universe Philippines 2009 Bianca Manalo were also mentioned, with some suggesting that these messages were later deleted.

In the deleted messages, Bianca makes reference to a “he” located in Valenzuela, leading internet users to interpret this as a possible mention of her longtime boyfriend, Sen. Win Gatchalian, who previously served as the mayor of the city.

In addition to Herlene, Rob Gomez was also associated with another actress, Pearl Gonzales, as evident from a conversation posted on his Instagram page. However, Pearl’s Instagram account is no longer accessible, leading netizens to speculate that she may have deactivated it.

Despite the circulating screenshots, there has been no public commentary from Rob, Herlene, Bianca, or Pearl regarding the alleged leaked conversations.

In November, the actor faced some issues addressing his relationship with Miss Multinational Philippines 2021 Shaila Rebortera, with whom he shares a child. He was accused of physically abusing Shaila. Despite the challenges in their relationship, the actor expressed his willingness to mend things with his partner.

However, any hopes of reconciliation seemed to fail at the moment, as evidence of the actor’s alleged cheating with Herlene Budol, Bianca Manalo and Pearl Gonzles surfaced on his Instagram page. Screenshots of their conversations and even a photo displaying pregnancy test results were shared.

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