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Rico Yan’s Old Clips Spark Grave Visit Trend

rico yan returns to being trending online

Late Filipino actor Rico Yan has made huge waves within the online community after clips from his popular films have resurfaced on social media platforms. He has garnered a new generation of fans thanks to these clips and his nostalgic looks.

The resurgence on platforms such as TikTok has also opened another growing trend of people visiting his grave in Manila Memorial Park, Parañaque. Many videos and photos have been posted of users visiting and paying respect to the late actor’s resting place.

This viral video on TikTok showed the user hanging around Rico’s tomb, where he is seen touching the nameplate and hugging it at one point. While the original video has been deleted, many other users reposted it on the platform. 

A user on Facebook posted an album of photos showing people visiting Rico’s tomb. The user even called his resting place an unlocked “tourist destination”.

The growing trend has garnered criticism from others, with many calling the act disrespectful. In addition, Actress Jessy Mendiola took to Instagram Stories last Tuesday. She called out all social media users to respect the departed.

“Wala na ba magawang matino ang mga social media addicts? Konting respeto naman sa namayapa na at pati na rin sa pamilya ng yumaong. Susme. Lahat nalang ba para sa likes, followers and views? Nakalimutan na yata ng mga tao ang salitang ‘respeto.’ Wala nang decency.” Mendiola stated on her repost regarding an article about the matter.

Many other users also condemn the trend. In fact, one user posted, “Rico Yan is such a moment, but he deserves better. Let him rest in peace, na.”

“Why are the Rico Yan fans so weird and creepy lol let him rest in peace already,” another X user said.

Rico starred in various top films, such as “Got 2 Believe” and “Flames: The Movie.” He co-starred with Claudine Barretto. On March 29, 2002, he died of cardiac arrest due to acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis. He was 27 years old.

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