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How to Activate Roaming for Globe (Prepaid and Postpaid)

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Anyone would rely on online access in order to get in touch with loved ones on their arrival or post their updates on social media. Luckily for you and many other Filipinos, Globe offers their services to stay online, even when outside the country. This guide will walk you through how to activate Globe roaming services for your travels.

How to Register to a Globe Roaming Service

As with any subscription plan, the first process on how to activate Globe roaming is to subscribe to the available offers. Globe has simplified these approaches for consumer convenience and ease. Furthermore, thanks to Globe’s various roaming subscription plans, users will have access to their favorite sites and social media at any time. 

There are two different methods on how to register the roaming subscription plans:

Register via the GlobeOne App:

  1. Access the official GlobeOne app.
  2. Search and click “Buy.”
  3. Select “Buy Globe Prepaid Promos.”
  4. Click “More Promos Abroad.”
  5. Choose “Shareable Data Roaming Abroad.”
  6. Read and choose the available plan offer.

Register via the GCash App:

  1. Access the official GCash app.
  2. Search and click “Load.”
  3. Choose “Mobile.”
  4. Select the option: “Roaming & International.”
  5. Read and choose the available plan offer.

Globe subscribers should keep in mind that there is a diverse range of subscription plans with different promotions. The roaming subscription plan provides coverage in over 130 countries.

How to Activate and Deactivate Globe Roaming Services

Once you have subscribed to any of Globe’s available plans, you are all set and go. The roaming subscription will be available upon your arrival at your destination. One important thing to keep in mind is that you may still be required to activate it for the plan to initiate.

Here are the steps on how to activate roaming Globe prepaid and postpaid subscriptions:

  • For Postpaid Subscribers:  Globe roaming postpaid services are already pre-activated except for plans that do not have enabled roaming features. Users should contact the Globe Roaming Hotline at (+632) 7730-1212 or official Facebook Messenger to ensure the services have been activated. 
  • In regards to how to deactivate Globe roaming, you can also rely on these contact details when deactivating your roaming services upon return.
  • For Prepaid Subscribers: Globe prepaid roaming services are activated automatically. Additionally, users do not need to add a load amount for activation. Your roaming service will also be deactivated automatically upon your return to the Philippines.
  • Alternatively, you can also text “GROAM ON <START DATE mm/dd/yyyy> <number of days>” to 2884. Text “GROAM_OFF” on the same number for deactivation.

Globe Roaming Plans for You

Globe Roaming plans can vary in different ranges, offers, and validity. Moreover, it is  recommended to check first if your country of destination is part of the Roam Surf coverage. Here are the lists of some of the provider’s active offers to date:

Roam Surf4All
PHP 50 / Day per Member12GB Shareable Data RoamingValid for 30 days.
PHP 73  / Day per Member10GB Shareable Data RoamingValid for 15 days.
PHP 104  / Day per Member5GB Shareable Data RoamingValid for 5 days.
Roam Surf4All Plans
Roam Surf 399
PHP 3991GB RoamingValid for 1 day.
Roam Surf 399 Plan
Roam Surf Longer Stay
PHP 9993GBValid for 3 days.
PHP 1,5995GBValid for 5 days.
PHP 2,1997GBValid for 7 days.
Roam Surf Longer Stay Plans
Roam Surf (Regular)
PHP 150100MBValid for 1 day.
PHP 350300MBValid for 3 days.
PHP 3991GBValid for 1 day.
PHP 550500MBValid for 5 days.
Roam Surf (Regular) Plans
Roam Surf Apps
PHP 100 (For both Instagram and Facebook services).100MBValid for 1 day.
PHP 300(For both Instagram and Facebook services).300MBValid for 3 days.
PHP 500(For both Instagram and Facebook services).500MBValid for 3 days.
Roam Surf Apps Plans

FAQs About Globe Roaming Subscription Plans

Listed below are some common questions users inquire about services regarding Globe Roaming services:

What are the benefits of Globe roaming?

Roaming numbers offers subscribers numerous benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Worldwide data coverage;
  • Affordable roaming services and promos;
  • Secured load balance, and
  • Minimal additional charges.

Can I use my Globe SIM card in another country?

Yes, you can use your Globe SIM card in other countries through data roaming services. Once your SIM is moved to a different country, you will be charged at a higher rate unless you subscribe to an available roaming service.

How much are roaming charges for Globe providers?

Different network providers, Globe included, offer various roaming promos, each with different charges and discounts. Users should also note roaming promos also vary on different destinations.

Closing Thoughts

By understanding how to activate Globe roaming services and promos, you are ensuring that your online connectivity is secured. Going through this guide allows you to have a strong online source without relying on guest Wi-Fi, providing full enjoyment of your trip. Furthermore, through Globe’s roaming services, you can stay in touch and connected to valuable sources.

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