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Maris Racal Publicly Promotes Her Latest Film, Marupok AF

maris rascal publicly promotes her latest film marupok af

Actress Maris Racal promotes her upcoming film “Marupok AF” in a unique way. She took to social media and uploaded a short video in regard to the film. However, the promotion takes on a short but rather unique way.

“Gising na mga Chismosa.” Maris announced this in the video while walking on the streets of Ayala. “July 10 na, ito yung gusto niyo di ba, chismis. Marupok AF showing na.” The clip ends with her and her friends making small laughs and bloopers. As of this article’s publishing, the short video has garnered over 100 thousand views on X (Twitter).

The short video shows the actress holding the film’s poster with her friends behind and the cameraman in front. No special effects were added to the clip, which adds to its uniqueness.

In another tweet, Racal shared her excitement about by stating, “Pinagkakitaan ko mga ginawa sa akin.” This statement reflects her commitment to her role.

One Twitter user shared her own short clip showing brief behind-the-scenes footage of Racal and her friends shooting the promotion. The user expressed her liking to the scene with the caption: “MARUPOK A+ showing naa sa lahat ng ayala cinema.” 

“Marupok AF,” alternatively known as “Where is the Lie?” is based on a true story about a transgender college student who matches a handsome individual on a dating app. However, she later discovers that she has fallen under a catfishing scheme carried out by a prominent art director who holds a grudge against LGBT+ individuals. 

The film discusses the matter of transphobia in the Philippines and the risks of online dating. There are also scenes of characters telling their side of the story, much like real-life cases. While it seems unbelievable, the case of cyberbullying and online manipulation targeting trans people within the country is very true. 

Director Quark Henares stated at a press conference on July 4 that the film was a conscious effort on his part to do right by the trans community. He mentioned that despite the movie’s intended genre, its message remains simple and reflects the harsh realities of today.

You can watch Marupok AF at your nearby Ayala Mall Cinemas today.

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