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RBH7 on economic cha-cha moves to house plenary

RBH7 on economic Cha cha reaches House plenary

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – House Majority Leader Manuel Jose Dalipe has confirmed that deliberations on a resolution proposing amendments to the 1987 Constitution’s restrictive provisions will be exhaustive.

During Monday’s session, the lower chamber opened the period of sponsorship and interpellation for the Resolution of Both Houses No. 7 (RBH7), which seeks to relax restrictions on foreign ownership of public utilities, educational institutions, and advertising industries.

In sponsoring the resolution, Dalipe said the proposed changes to the Charter are essential to propel the country to adapt to a fast-changing global environment and prosper in an “increasingly interconnected world.”

“With the increasing interdependence of world cultures and economies, the Philippines cannot remain indifferent; we must adapt and take advantage of the benefits that economic globalization offers and the positive effects it may bring to our country and the Filipino people,” he stated.

Dalipe suggested Congress could modify economic constitutional restrictions on public utilities, education, and advertising by inserting the phrase “unless otherwise provided by law.”

He also noted that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. fully supports these “necessary” economic Charter amendments to boost the economic activities in the country while stressing the importance of protecting strategic sectors from foreign control.

“This moment in our nation’s history is more than an opportunity. It’s a call to embrace progress, think beyond the present, and work collectively towards economic growth and stability,” Dalipe said as he called on his colleagues to support the approval of the resolution to transform the country’s economic landscape.

The Committee of the Whole House of Representatives conducted hearings and deliberations, demonstrating their commitment to democratic consultations and allowing everyone to express their views on proposed amendments.

“We are expecting a lot of questions, so we are allotting three days for plenary debates on RBH No. 7. Not just one day, not just two days, but three days of debates and hopefully, by Wednesday, we can vote on the matter in the second reading,” Dalipe said.

Deputy Speaker and Pampanga Rep. Aurelio Gonzales Jr. urged the Senate to amend the Constitution’s restrictive economic provisions, stating that specific provisions have outlived their purpose.

He proposed a constitutional amendment for the public utilities sector, attracting investments and sparking competition, leading to improved service delivery and jobs.

Gonzales also emphasized the importance of nurturing intellectual capital for economic growth.


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