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Rapper Range999 shoots foreigner for disrespecting female friends

rapper range999 shoots foreigner for disrespecting female friends

LAPU-LAPU, PHILIPPINES – Rapper-singer Jed Andrew Salera, also known as “Range999,” admits shooting a foreign national in Cebu City, accusing Michael George Richey of disrespecting his female friends and touching their behinds.

Salera claimed he tried to stop Richey from touching his female friends, but the foreign national ignored his warnings.  

Kay katong foreigner sir, namastos man gud siya ug mga kauban namo, friends namo. Namastos siya og mga babaye. Hikap lubot, ana sir ba,” Salera said in an interview with DySS Super Radyo.

Police Major Romeo Caacoy said that a commotion happened inside the same bar where the shooting incident occurred before Salera arrived in the area.

Caacoy confirmed Salera was not at the bar when a commotion occurred. “Gi-pacify naman ni sila sa mga bouncers. Ang foreigner didto na unya naa poy laing grupo sa mga batan-on nga nakiglamok-lamok sa foreigner. Wala toy labot ato si Range. Kalit lang niabot si Range diha sa area,” the police chief said.

Based on surveillance footage that was secured by Mabolo police, a blue-colored sports utility vehicle (SUV) was seen entering the hotel compound at around 6:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The vehicle slowed down in front of the bar where Richey was. The foreign national can be seen approaching the driver’s side of the SUV where Salera was. He opened the vehicle’s door, and Richey fell on the pavement shortly after.

The foreign national sustained gunshot wounds on his shoulder and foot and was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. After the shooting incident, Salera hurriedly left and hid at his manager’s house in Sunshine Valley in Brgy. Quit Pardo, Cebu City.

The Rapper was then arrested by the police four hours later or at around 11 a.m., based on claims by witnesses that he was the one who shot Richey. Caacoy said they recovered a .45 caliber pistol with live ammunition and two empty shells at the crime scene.

Mabolo police are now preparing a complaint for a frustrated homicide that they will soon file against Salera.


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