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PPG Announces the Color of the Year for 2024

ppg announces the color of the year for 2024

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – PPG shares color of the year “Limitless” for 2024. The color is described as “fresh, warm hue, that contains both the power of a primary color and the essence of a neutral.” 

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PPG Paints is a significant force in the paint industry, dedicated to providing high-quality paints for any project. They offer a vast selection of colors in various hues, ensuring you find the perfect paint color for your project. 

The company just recently announced 2024’s color of the year “Limitless.” PPG describes the color as something warm and sunny that translates growth and blooming energy. Moreover, this color pairs exquisitely with either warm or cool finishes. According to the paint company’s website, “this hue’s agility across numerous directions is what makes it a star.”

The PPG’s website claims that “Limitless” is an extremely versatile color that can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces without the risk of it clashing with other elements in the space.

The website further adds that “this color offers consumers limitless ways to use it due to its fresh and energizing take on a neutral. It can serve as a full body color, but also works equally well as an accent to both warm and cool tones.” 

The color aims to radiate a reassuring and calm, but refreshing energy for 2024’s color palettes. This color combined with multiple rounds or arches, smooth finishes, and aesthetically-pleasing lighting to produce a sense of minimalism in various commercial spaces.

Furthermore, the PPG color of the year shared its process into selecting “ Limitless”. The company conveyed that it underwent a comprehensive process considering societal and environmental factors, cultural shifts, and emerging design trends. This annual PPG’s color forecasting involved fifty color stylists from eleven different regions worldwide.

PPG chose the color of the year predicting 2024 as a transformative period. They found consumers shifting from self-identity towards tradition and conformity, unlocking their creativity and innovation. PPG’s findings highlight consumers exploring new possibilities within environmental, digital, and social realms.

PPG’s color of the year aims to showcase progress in sustainability, resilience and extensive artistic possibilities.

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