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The Philippines, Republic of Marites, Duterte jokes

philippines republic of marites

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Philippines is now the “Republic of Marites,” according to President Rodrigo Duterte.

During a meeting with his Cabinet colleagues on Wednesday night, the President had joked about the country gradually turning into a “marites” country.

In the Philippines, Marites is a popular term that refers to gossipers.

“Kung gusto mo ng tsismis, marami ako. Lahat ng ano… This is a republic of Marites na ngayon eh,” Duterte stated in a briefing aired on Thursday. 

(I have a lot of gossips to tell you about. Everything. This is a republic of Martes now.)

“Lahat ng tao may tsismis, babae at lalaki. Noon sa mga babae lang ‘yan. Nag-aaway mga babae na pangalan Marites talaga,” Duterte added, while laughing.

(Everyone has gossip, men and women. It used to be just the women. Women are fighting, particularly those who go by the name Marites.)

Some Cabinet members were seen laughing throughout the session.

This is Duterte’s first official public appearance since the May 9 elections. – WhatALife!

Source: (inquirer.net)

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