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Philippines Finishes 24th in FIFA Women’s World Cup


MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In conclusion of the FIFA World Cup, the Phillippines made hisory by finishing top 24, breaking their previous feat of ranking 46th globally in Women’s Football.

The Philippines women’s team’s appearance in the FIFA World Cup is the first Filipino appearance in global football. At the time, the Philippines ranked 46th The coach who led the national team was Alen Stajcic.

The Philippines qualified for the Women’s World Cup after defeating Chinese Taipei in the quarterfinals of the AFC Women’s Asian Cup last year, which they won through a penalty shootout. 

When the groups for the FIFA Women’s World Cup were released, the Filipinas were in a sticky situation. They were grouped with some veteran countries that have been in the World Cup for a long time. Switzerland, Norway, and New Zealand were all ranked higher than the Philippines in the global ranking. 

There were 8 group stages in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. From group A to H, the Philippines was placed in group A against three other powerhouses. Out of the 32 teams that were in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Philippines ranked 24th, which is a significant increase from their global ranking. 

The Philippines had a rough start as they lost 2-0 to Switzerland. The Swiss women were dominant and had more shot opportunities and a higher possession percentage than the Filipinas. 

Before the end of the first half, Switzerland’s Ramona Bachmann scored a penalty and took the lead 1-0 at 45 minutes. On minute 64, Switzerland’s Seraina Piubel scores again, making the score 2-0. The match ended 2-0, causing the Philippines to take their first loss.

However, the Philippines made history when they beat New Zealand 1-0, making it their first-ever win in global football history. Although New Zealand had a better position of the ball, Sarina Bolden scored a header 24 minutes into the game and took the lead for the Philippines.

With a great second game, the Philippines went on to play against Norway. Although the Filipinas tried their best, the game ended with a score of 6-0 with Norway completely overtaking the Philippines. Although it was a tough loss, the Filipinas have made history by appearing in the FIFA Women’s World Cup and winning a game for the country. – WhatALife!/Zain

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