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Philippine National Police Salary Guide

Philippine National Police Salary Guide in the Philippines

Check out the latest Philippine Police Salary below!

On January 1, 2018, President Rodrigo Duterte signed a joint resolution of Congress raising the Philippine police salary together with military, and other uniformed personnel. The modified base pay of the Philippine National Police PNP uniformed personnel can be found below.

Here is an updated Philippine National Police Salary 2022 along with their corresponding ranks:

  1. Base Pay – It is the monthly fixed salary paid to uniformed PNP personnel.
PNP RankMonthly Base Pay (P)
Patrolman/Patrolwoman (Pat)P 29,668
Police Corporal (PCpl)P 30,867
Police Staff Sergeant (PSSg)P 32,114
Police Master Sergeant (PMSg)P 33,411
Police Senior Master Sergeant (PSMS)P 34,079
Police Chief Master Sergeant (PCMS)P 34,761
Police Executive Master Sergeant (PEMS)P 38,366
Police Lieutenant (PLT)P 49,528
Police Captain (PCPT)P 56,582
Moloce Major (PMAJ)P 62,555
Police Lieutenant Colonel (PLTCOL)P 71,313
Police Colonel (PCOL)P 80,583
Police Brigadier General (PBGEN)P 91,058
Police Major General (PMGEN)P 102,896
Police Lieutenant General (PLTGEN)P 125,574
Police General (PGEN)P 149,785
  1. Long Pay – Uniformed personnel of the department are entitled to ten percent (10%) of their basic monthly salaries for every five (5) years of service, calculated from the date of the personnel’s original appointment in the PNP, provided that the totality of such longevity pay does not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the basic pay basis.
PNP RankMonthly Base Pay (P)Long Pay
Patrolman/Patrolwoman (Pat)P 29,668
Police Corporal (PCpl)P 30,867P 3,087
Police Staff Sergeant (PSSg)P 32,114P 6,744
Police Master Sergeant (PMSg)P 33,411P 11,059
Police Senior Master Sergeant (PSMS)P 34,079P 15,816
Police Chief Master Sergeant (PCMS)P 34,761P 16,133
Police Executive Master Sergeant (PEMS)P 38,366P 19,183
Police Lieutenant (PLT)P 49,528P 4,953
Police Captain (PCPT)P 56,582P 11,882
Moloce Major (PMAJ)P 62,555P 20,706
Police Lieutenant Colonel (PLTCOL)P 71,313P 33,096
Police Colonel (PCOL)P 80,583P 40,291
Police Brigadier General (PBGEN)P 91,058P 45,529
Police Major General (PMGEN)P 102,896P 51,448
Police Lieutenant General (PLTGEN)P 125,574P 62, 787
Police General (PGEN)P 149,785P 74, 892

Aside from their monthly base and long pay, they also have allowances. Below is the list of some PNP officer allowances:

  1. Regular Allowances – These are regular allowances given to all uniformed PNP members in addition to their basic salary.
  2. Quarter Allowance – It is an allowance given to officers and non-officers who are not provided with living quarters, housing PNP units, or living quarters where their families can be accommodated under the auspices of the PNP. Those who have obtained housing units/living quarters automatically relinquish their right to this allowance in favor of the PNP Housing Board.
  1. Regular Subsistence Allowance – It is an allowance given to all uniformed PNP members to cover the cost of their daily regular meals, which amounts to P150.00 per day or P4,500 per month.
  2. Clothing Allowance – It is an allowance given to cover the cost of maintaining the uniforms that PNP members must wear on a daily basis. This is paid at a monthly rate of P200.00 for both officers and non-officers.
  3. Hazard Pay – It is a basic occupational hazard pay allowance given because law enforcement is a dangerous occupation. The fixed amount of Hazard Pay for all uniformed personnel is now P540.00 per month.
  4. Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA) – It is a monthly allowance of P500.00 given to all PNP uniformed personnel below the rank of Police Major, including PNPA cadets, beginning on January 1, 1991. Because of the rising cost of living, an additional compensation of P1,500.00 will be given in addition to the P500.00. The current PERA is two thousand pesos (P2,000.00) per month.
  1. Laundry Allowance – It is an allowance made to defray the laundry costs of PNP uniformed personnel whose frequent appearances in public affairs or frequent attendance at ceremonies, as well as assignment to units/activities, necessitate the wearing of a presentable uniform at all times, at the rates listed below.
  • Officer — P60.00 per month, paid monthly
  • Non-Officer — P30.00 per month, paid monthly
  1. Gratuity – It is given to any recipient of the Medal of Valor. The awardee will receive a monthly gratuity of 20,000 pesos (P20,000.00).
  2. Collateral Pay and Allowances
  3. Hospital Subsistence Allowance – It is a supplement to the regular subsistence allowance of PNP uniformed personnel, representing the free daily meals provided to them while confined in PNP hospitals and/or dispensaries, amounting to P30.00 per day.
  4. CDC Subsistence Allowance – It is a supplement to the regular subsistence allowance of PNP personnel given to support the meal requirements of PNP uniformed personnel engaged in Civil Disturbance Control operations, amounting to P30.00 per day.
  5. Training Subsistence Allowance – It is an additional allowance, or training emolument, given to PNP uniformed personnel who are undergoing local training in the AFP, PNP training institution, OJT, or schooling in a local educational institution to acquire knowledge, skills, and expertise for professional or career advancement. Each student/trainee is paid through the school at a rate of P30.00 per day multiplied by the number of days the course lasts.
  6. Combat Duty Pay – It is a monthly allowance of P3,000.00 for PNP uniformed personnel engaged in actual police operations.
  7. Combat Incentive Pay – It is a P300.00 per day allowance for PNP uniformed personnel who are directly involved in actual combat against members of various insurgent, terrorist, and lawless elements.
  8. Hazardous Duty Pay – It is an allowance given to PNP uniformed personnel for exposure to specific occupational hazards or elements, or hazardous jobs that involve a high risk of losing life, limbs, or health. It is 50% of the base pay authorized by rank.
  9. Radiation Hazard Pay – It is an incentive pay for PNP skilled personnel whose work exposes them to the risks of overexposure to radioactive elements. Payment of said additional allowance cannot exceed 15% (15%) of the base authorized by rank.
  10. Incentive Pay – It is an incentive pay for members (licenses) of the Medical, Veterinary, Dental, and Legal Professions who have joined the PNP. The incentive is paid monthly at the rate of P200.00 and is incorporated into the monthly paycheck.
  11.  Mid-Year (13th Month) Bonus – It is equivalent to one (1) month’s basic salary as of May 15, and shall be granted to those who have rendered at least four (4) months of satisfactory service and are still in service as of the same date, and shall be given not earlier than May 15 of each year.
  12.  Year-End (14th Month) Bonus – It is equivalent to one (1) month’s basic salary, and a cash gift at the prescribed rates is given every November.
  13. Enhanced Performance Based Bonus – It is equivalent to one (1) month to two (2) months of basic salary and will be implemented in two (2) phases. The enhanced PBB will be granted using a progressive rate system. The amount of PBB increases in proportion to the position and responsibility for improving agency performance.

Additional Salary Information

Other than the Philippine National Police Salary Guide in 2022, the following are the salary table of BJMP and AFP.

Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and Bureau of Fire Protection (DILG) Salary Table

BJMP and BFPMonthly Base Pay
Fire/Jail Officer I29,668
Fire/Jail Officer II30,867
Fire/Jail Officer III32,114
Senior Fire/Jail Officer I33,411
Senior Fire/Jail Officer II34,079
Senior Fire/Jail Officer III34,761
Senior Fire/Jail Officer IV38,366
Senior Inspector56,582
Chief Inspector62,555
Senior Superintendent80,583
Chief Superintendent91,058

Armed Forces of the Philippines or Department of National Defense Salary Table

AFP/DNDMonthly Base Pay
Candidate Soldier18,587
Private First Class30,261
Staff Sergeant32,114
Technical Sergeant32,756
Master Sergeant33,411
Senior Master Sergeant34,079
Chief Master Sergeant34,761
First Chief Master Sergeant38,366
Probationary Second Lieutenant38,366
Second Lieutenant43,829
First Lieutenant49,528
Lieutenant Colonel71,313
Brigadier General91,058
Major General102,896
Lieutenant General125,574

We hope that this guide for the Philippine National Police Salary in 2022 is able to help you in deciding your future in the force. For more salary guides and job opportunties, follow our page today. – WhatALife!

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