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PH replaces traditional jeepneys with Chinese imports 

PH replaces traditional jeepneys with Chinese imports

MANILA, PHILIPPINES- As part of the government’s PUV modernization initiative, traditional jeepneys are being phased out in favor of imported vehicles imported from China, making a significant shift in the country’s transportation landscape.

Under the PUV modernization law, there has been a noticeable shift from the iconic Filipino jeepneys to imported vehicles from China. This signals a significant transformation in the country’s transportation system.

The decision towards Chinese imports is aimed at improving the security, efficiency and environmental sustainability of public utility vehicles (PUVs) in the Philippines. 

As the PUV modernization initiative continues to unfold, stakeholders are closely monitoring the impact of the transition on various sectors of society; in the government’s efforts to modernize the public transportation system, the move has sparked debates and concerns among traditional jeepney operators and drivers, who fear losing their livelihoods over the cost of the modern PUVs. 

According to Raffy Tulfo, opting for local manufacturers over Chinese companies could save the government approximately P1.7 million per unit. Additionally, he highlighted that if the cost of a jeepney is around P900,000, the government could cover the subsidy needed for modernization without any expense to drivers and operators. 

Currently, the government only subsidizes a fraction of the total cost of a new Euro-4 PUV model, making it challenging for ordinary jeepney drivers to afford. Tulfo emphasized that supporting local manufacturers would not only create numerous job opportunities for Filipino workers but also preserve the iconic style and design of jeepneys, which hold cultural significance in the Philippines.

Despite these challenges the government remains committed to improving public transportation for commuters by providing safer, secure and more environmentally friendly options. As the initiative progresses, stakeholders will continue to monitor its impact on various sectors of our society.

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