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Pepsi’s new era in the Philippines

pepsis new era in the philippines

The new Pepsi logo is a call to be bolder! 

In a world where people are trying to fit in, Pepsi dares to be bold and different. The Pepsi rebrand officially began through the introduction of their newest logo and brand identity. This brand refresh is the first in 15 years here in the Philippines, marking Pepsi’s new era.

The rebranding was unveiled during the Pepsi Pulse 2023 event at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds last October 8. This is to keep up with the times and better connect with younger consumers.

Accordingly, Pepsi’s new logo celebrates its audiences’ embrace of individuality and authenticity. Steve Romasanta, senior director for Brand Marketing Asia, shared the message that the brand wanted to convey to their consumers.

“Follow your passions, be bold, don’t be afraid to be different. And as we have said, be your most authentic self, and be loud and proud about it just like our new logo.”

Pepsi’s new logo and branding represent a bold and modern approach that resonates with the youth. This encourages consumers to embrace their unique selves and be authentic.

A New Look for a New Era

Inspired by previous Pepsi logos, the new design retains the brand’s signature colors of red, blue, and white. The changes come with a brighter shade, incorporating a bold “PEPSI” at the center. Moreover, the new logo features a new custom typeface and a can silhouette that represents Pepsi’s accessibility to all types of consumers.

However, the real star of this new look is the blue and black “pulse” that symbolizes the vibrant spirit that Pepsi wants to spread among Filipinos. The blue and black “pulse” addition enhances Pepsi’s visual identity, resonating with the dynamic energy they aim to convey. It reflects their desire to ignite a vibrant spirit in their audience, fostering a connection that goes beyond branding.

Ray Philip Pine, marketing director, PepsiCo Philippines Beverages, explained, “The refreshed visual identity introduces elements that resonate with the youth, embodying the essence of the global Gen Z community. It’s a pulse that beats in sync with the rhythm of Filipino culture and the drive to stand out.”

A Grand Celebration of Culture and Authenticity

Pepsi celebrated the new era in the Philippines with a vibrant event, featuring bold individuals who embraced authenticity and uniqueness. The gathering included delicious food, interactive games, and electrifying music, all in line with their tagline “Mas Masarap Maiba.”

Those who accepted Pepsi’s challenge to be different showed up in their bold and authentic styles. They showed off their signature poses and rocked trendy dance moves in the interactive photo and video booths.

As the night deepened, attendees at Pepsi Pulse sang and danced to Ace Banzuelo’s hits like “Muli” and enjoyed Mayonnaise’s iconic songs, including “Jopay.”

This bold move by Pepsi is a testament to their commitment to encouraging individuals to embrace their authenticity, stand out, and celebrate their unique selves. As the new logo graces Pepsi products on store shelves and e-commerce platforms, it serves as a constant reminder that being true to oneself is an act of courage and strength. 

Pepsi’s rebranding marks not only a new era for the brand but a new era of authenticity and self-expression for its consumers in the Philippines.

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