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Peach Fuzz: Color of the Year 2024

peach fuzz color of the year 2024

Color has symbolized various aspects in numerous cultures for centuries. Colors, aside from identifying our surroundings, profoundly influence our thoughts and feelings. For example, businesses utilize various colors to sway consumers into purchasing their products. However, our perception of colors isn’t universal. Different cultures interpret colors uniquely. In essence, colors hold different meanings across the globe. As 2024 is swiftly approaching, what is the new year color for 2024? 

Color of the Year 2024 

Annually, the Pantone Color Institute selects a color of the year, as stated on their official website. This decision is influenced by global trends in various sectors such as art, design, technology, entertainment, and socio-economic conditions. The selection process, held twice a year in a European capital, involves a confidential meeting of representatives from different nations’ color standards groups.

Since 2000, the Pantone Color of the Year has influenced trends in marketing, branding, and the creative society at large. Pantone typically announces the Color of the Year in early December, often before Christmas.

Peach Fuzz: The Color of the Year 2024

According to Pantone, Pantone 13-023 Peach Fuzz is a color that enriches the heart, mind and body. 

Pantone 13-023 Peach Fuzz is a subtly sensual color that conveys kindness and tenderness, promoting a message of care, community, and collaboration. This soft peach hue lies between orange and pink, creating a space for healing, feeling, and rejuvenation. Delicate, sweet, and light, this color reminds us of the need for nurturing, empathy, and compassion during turbulent times. 


The Color of the Year is not just a trend, but a reflection of the global mood and societal changes. It provides a strategic direction for the world of design and marketing. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2023 has significantly influenced these sectors, setting a tone that resonates with the current times. 

As we transition into 2024, the soft Peach Fuzz is set to infuse our lives with its gentle restorative energy. Incorporating Peach Fuzz into our daily lives could be as simple as adding accessories of this color to our attire, painting a wall for a fresh look, or even using it in our digital designs. The warmth and gentleness of Peach Fuzz will not only uplift our spirits but also add an invigorating touch to our surroundings.

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