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Paramore Addresses News Regarding Breakup

paramore addresses news regarding breakup

2004-originated pop rock Paramore band addresses disbandment rumors and shares that they have now completed all their obligations with their label and are now free agents.

Many Paramore fans have been asking “what happened to Paramore” after news broke out that they already completed all their obligations with their record label and if they are disbanding as a result of this fulfillment. However, fans must be delighted to know that the band many have loved since 2004 is not disbanding.

However, following the announcement that Paramore has parted ways with their most recent record label, the band acknowledges the uncertainty of their future. On December 14, 2023, they addressed the rumors with a cryptic social media post, where all three members demonstrated solidarity in the face of their band’s uncertain future.

The comment states, “Now that Paramore has spent the year touring behind “This Is Why: (and making sure to take better care of themselves while they’re at it), a chapter of the band’s career has come to a close. They’ve now fulfilled all label obligations and are effectively free agents. As for the future of Paramore, all three members agreed that there’s a level of uncertainty.” 

Furthermore, the comment continues, “But one thing’s for sure – they’re still going to be together, and they’re still going to keep having fun.” Hayley Williams, the band’s lead singer and one of the two founding members left, shared that “The only thing that matters is we will still get to be each other’s community.” Zac Farro, the band’s drummer and the second left of the founding members agreed by stating “I just hope we can keep building the Paramore empire then rule the world.” 

So, there are a lot of speculations regarding “did Paramore disband?” but some fans must also remember that the band has conquered numerous obstacles throughout the years with former bandmates like Jeremy Davis leaving to pursue their careers and Paramore is still going strong and is the band we all love and admire today.

A few of their hit songs are Emergency by Paramore, That’s What You Get, Still Into You, Decode, Brick by Boring Brick, Rose-Colored Boy, and more.

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