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PAGCOR’s New Logo Met With Mockery

pagcors new logo met with mockery

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation’s (Pagcor) new logo was met with mockery from social media users after unveiling it to the public.

Pagcor Chairman and CEO Alejandro Tengco said their new logo incorporates the element of the life of fire associated with “energy, inspiration, passion, and transformation.”

“It symbolizes the flame that ignites change and drivers progress. The logo likewise reflects a beacon which symbolizes guidance, leadership, and direction. It represents a guiding light that helps find their way,” Tengco added.

“All these taken together, our new logo reflects Pagcor’s long standing commitment of being a guiding force that illuminates the way forward, drives transformation and development, and brings inspiration and motivation to the lives it touches,” he also added.

The new logo unveiled at Marriott Hotel Manila in celebration of its 40th year last July 11, Tuesday.

However, Pagcor’s new logo became a hot topic online as social media users questioned whether it was actually worth the approved budget.

“Three million pesos worth for quotation tapos ganito lang ‘yung output? Nahiya naman ‘yung Canva, “ a netizen wrote.

Another user, meanwhile, said that the new logo reminded him of a gas station. “Petron ‘yarn?” he joked in a tweet.

In addition, a Facebook user also pointed out that it looks similar to the logo of a popular noodle brand. 

“No way PAGCOR just chose a logo that’s so similar to Lucky Me’s logo,”

For some netizens, the agency didn’t have to spend such an amount for a new design since its description still aligns with the old logo.

“PAGCOR, serious question: What’s the problem with the old logo that you spent 3 million pesos for a new design with a description that, in my opinion, still aligns with the old one?” a Twitter user said.

A Twitter user, meanwhile, said that PAGCOR could have instead pushed for a logo-making contest for better results.

“With the creativity of Filipinos, a much better logo could have surfaced especially if the winning design would be awarded millions of pesos,” Atty. Gideon Peña tweeted.

PAGCOR is a “government-owned and controlled corporation” under the Office of the President. It was established in 1977 “in response to calls for the Philippine Government to put a stop to the growing proliferation of illegal casino operations in various parts of the country then.” – WhatALife!/Val

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