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OrderNa welcomes two more stores: EATYourGreens, Bon Appetite


Gutom? Contact your favourite local store via OrderNa!

OrderNa, a Cagayan de Oro-based delivery service app, continues to expand its available services as it welcomes more stores in the platform.

Get your healthy meals at EATYourGreens, serving romaine and organic green lettuce and tomatoes per kilo—perfect for vegetable salads and rolls.

Bon Appetit Sweets and Caterings by Athenne’s Foodhsoppe also recently joined the platform, offering its catering services from the heart of the city into the homes of Kagay-anons.


OrderNa is a FREE Cagayan de Oro-based app that brings together buyers and sellers in one platform for faster and easier order placement and communication.

Buyers can browse through the app for various food and grocery items and communicate directly with nearby local sellers. Meanwhile, the app allows sellers to up their online presence, showcase their products and services for free without extra cost or any hidden charges.

Since its launch in July last year, the platform has now over 40 local shops to choose from—from your favourite food variants to delicious delicacies to washable face masks.

Download OrderNa for FREE on Google Play Store. – WhatALife.ph

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