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No outdoor activities for Santo Niño Fiesta: Cebu Basilica


Just like the cancellation of the annual Black Nazarene traslacion, there will also be no processions for the holy child, Señor Santo Niño, this year. 

Due to quarantine restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, priests at the Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño in Cebu City announced the cancellation of Señor Santo Niño’s procession on Wednesday, January 6.

“Even if we know some of the people want to see the holy child, we can’t do that this year, “the Basilica’s rector, Fr. Pacifico Nohara, explained in the vernacular.

The yearly Fiesta Señor, also known as Sinulog, is a celebration of the feast of child Jesus (commonly known Santo Niño). It gathers millions of churchgoers and devotees yearly. 

“But we will still have the daily Novena Masses,” Nohara added, noting that only a thousand people would be allowed in the venue, given that there will be markers in the area where people should sit and stay during the Masses. 

All those planning to attend the Novena Masses will be required to wear face masks and face shields, and to bring their own umbrella, he said.

Quarantine passes and IDs for workers will also be required upon entrance. 

The Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño will be open from 3 AM until 11 PM only.

Some of the activities cancelled include the “Walk for Jesus,” “Walk for Mary,” and the penitential solemn foot procession.

Cebu City Councilor Philip Zafra urged devotees to watch Livestream Masses instead, saying not to “push it to attend the Masses physically, just stay at home.”

(Source: ABS-CBN News)

All Novena Masses will be LIVE on BASILICA MINORE DEL SANTO NINO DE CEBU Facebook page, YouTube Channel, and other partners.

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