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National Security Council (NSC) plans to ban Tiktok in the Philippines

national security council nsc plans to ban tiktok in the philippines

MANILA, Philippines – The National Security Council (NSC) plans to ban the Chinese micro vlogging and e-commerce platform TikTok in the country, capturing DICT Secretary Ivan John Uy’s attention. 

The National Security Council (NSC) continues to advocate for banning tiktok in the country due to fears of cyber espionage. This happens despite the fact that many Filipino small and medium business owners use tiktok as a platform for selling and promoting their products and brands.

NSC Assistant Director General Jonathan Malaya, when asked in a radio interview on the possibility of TikTok total ban in the country, affirmed with a “yes”.

“There has to be some basis to do that,” DICT Secretary Ivan John Uy said, in response to NSC. “Before making a decision for a ban on Tiktok, NSC should first invite the platform to explain the technology,” Uy added in a statement. 

“I think, it’s not just that particular social media platform. All social media platforms. If you would see, a lot of the social media platforms are abused. Used for disinformation, used for fake news. And so, we need to sit down and work with all our social media partners. See how we can properly address this growing concern,” Uy said.

“Because, I’m sure our social media providers are not, I mean they are there for the business. I don’t think they foresee themselves as enablers of criminal activity,” Uy added.

DICT signed an agreement with social media giants last month to collaborate on addressing concerns that emerge on their respective platforms, Uy pointed out.  

However, Malaya said that the scope of the ongoing investigation is focused on state personnel connected to the military, police, and other security agencies- precisely because of that specific concern.

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