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Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz Reveal Breakup Before Wedding

nash aguas and mika dela cruz reveal breakup before wedding

Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz, who recently tied the knot, disclosed that they experienced a significant trial before their marriage, separating for over six months after six years of dating. The couple shared their story in an exclusive interview on ABS-CBN broadcaster Bernadette Sembrano’s YouTube vlog on June 2, 2024.

Secret Struggles

The couple revealed that they kept their breakup a secret from family and friends, processing it privately. Mika mentioned how she coped with the pain alone, relying on her faith: “We dealt with the pain kay Lord lang po talaga.” She added, “Even sa sister ko, hindi po ako nagpakita sa kanya na umiiyak ako. I was just saying na, ‘I’m okay, everything is okay.’”

Reasons Behind the Breakup

Their relationship began to deteriorate during the pandemic due to misunderstandings and personal challenges, leading Mika to initiate the breakup. Mika explained, “Kasi nung time na yon, mula pa noong pandemic, that was namatay yung dad ko. Tapos lumabas lahat ng health conditions ko po.” She continued, “Siyempre it’s heavy on me financially rin. Kasi, I had to leave work kasi autoimmune disease, hindi na rin pwedeng magpuyat.”

A Journey of Faith

Nash and Mika both turned to their faith during their time apart, which strengthened their individual relationships with God. Nash described this period as an answered prayer: “Answered prayer kasi siya for me, yes. Kung hindi ako nag-pray, for sure, aayusin namin agad yon.” He added, “Pero kasi may ibang guidance, e. Kaya noong time na yon, ginive-up ko na, sabi ko, ‘Lord, I’ve been trying to rely on my own wisdom.’”

Their separation deepened their faith and made them realize the importance of centering their relationship around God. Mika shared, “Our world revolved around each other. Hindi na namin center si Lord.” This realization led them to seek a stronger spiritual foundation.

Reunited by Divine Guidance

Mika asked God in prayer if Nash was her destined husband, and she believed she received a clear affirmation. “Around December 13, mayroong moment na nag-pray ako. I asked God, ‘Lord, litung-lito na ako, is he my husband?’” she recounted. The next day, she received a message from Nash that she interpreted as a divine response.

A Proposal with God’s Words

Nash proposed to Mika on January 4, 2024, inspired by a Bible verse that confirmed his decision. Nash shared, “Christmas morning, while I was doing my devotion, yung verse of the day is… parang familiar, yung parang magpu-propose tapos nag-break kasi may nangyari, and all of a sudden the angel came.” This led him to believe that God was guiding him to propose.

The couple married on May 18, 2024, in an intimate ceremony attended only by family, signifying their belief in divine guidance. Nash explained, “Kaya po May 18 yung kasal kasi Proverbs 5:18.”

A Story of Love and Faith

Their story underscores not just a love story but a journey of faith and spiritual growth, demonstrating how their relationship with God became the foundation of their renewed love and commitment. “It was hard po. Pero finally I was able to encounter God na rin po,” Mika reflected on their journey, showing how faith guided them back together.

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