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MSU students protest to suspend in-person classes 

msu students protest to suspend in person classes

MANILA, Philippines – Hundreds of students from Mindanao State University (MSU), protested to oppose the resumption of in-person classes a week after the bombing incident. 

“Make MSU safe first. Huwag manhid!” students shouted marching towards the MSU administration office.

In a declaration signed by communications and health student councils, it was stated that a significant number of the 14,000 students at MSU remained scared to resume classes even a week after the bomb attack, which was attributed to a terrorist group.

They petitioned to change in-person classes into online learning, similar to the setup implemented by the school during the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago.

“We believe that the transition will aid the University in its continued implementation of security measures within the campus and provide the students to recover from the shock, fear and stress caused by the recent horrific act of violence,” the declaration read in part.

In Memorandum No. 294 dated December 7, MSU President Basan Mapupuno mandated the continuation of classes starting Monday, December 11. Mapupuno highlighted that 1,948 out of the 14,855 enrolled students at MSU had vacated the campus after the bombing happened. 

The student council of MSU’s primary campus in Marawi City expressed its decision in a statement last week, opposing the university’s choice to resume face-to-face instruction before December 22 due to concerns about the safety of the students.

“We express our official dismay regarding the recent release of the memo announcing the resumption of classes, despite the earnest efforts of the Supreme Student Government in presenting data from the survey that reflected the concerns and preferences of the student community,” the student council said.

On December 8, the Armed Forces of the Philippines announced that they had captured one of the suspects responsible for the bombing, specifically someone they believed had planted the improvised explosive device at the gymnasium.


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