Home MMFF 2023 earns record-breaking P1.069-billion 

MMFF 2023 earns record-breaking P1.069-billion 

mmff 2023 earns record breaking p1 069 billion

MANILA, Philippines – The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) disclosed on Tuesday, January 9 that the total earnings from the MMFF in 2023 surged to a historic P1.069 billion.

The MMDA reported that the revenue from this year’s 10 films surpassed the previous record of P1.061 billion set by MMFF 2018. This increase occurred despite the fewer number of open cinemas compared to approximately 1,200 five years ago.

Atty. Don Artes, the MMDA chairman and concurrent MMFF overall chairman, credited the film festival’s triumph to the caliber of movies presented and the inclusion of a new audience segment, which encompassed the ABC market.

“We received reports that moviegoers watched multiple films while others watched films repeatedly. Hopefully, we can sustain this beyond the festival so that our film producers can offer quality movies all year round. We also encourage filmmakers to create better films for the MMFF’s 50th edition,” Artes said.

The MMFF Committee is intensifying its preparations for the inaugural Manila International Film Festival (MIFF). This event will showcase the 10 films from the 2023 film festival in Los Angeles.

“There will be an exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing. We hope to bridge the gap and connect the Philippine entertainment industry with that of Hollywood and the international stage,” Artes added. 

Screenings in California, USA will take place from January 29 to February 2. Ahead of the 50th MMFF, various events will be held. These include a student short film caravan, a short film festival, the launch of a coffee-table book, and “Cine 50.” The latter will showcase the top 50 MMFF films from the previous 49 years at select theaters, all for a ticket price of just P50.

“We are expecting to feature bigger and better films for our 50th edition as we celebrate the cinema-goers return to theaters and patronize local movies,” Atty. Artes said.

Meanwhile, Artes mentioned their current coordination with relevant agencies and film producers following reports of the MMFF film entry “Rewind” being leaked, illegally streamed, and distributed online.

“We are coordinating with authorities so that the illegally streamed films will be taken down immediately,” Artes stated. 

He encouraged the public to refrain from involvement in movie piracy, emphasizing its criminal nature and the detrimental impact it poses on Filipino filmmakers’ dedicated efforts, talent, and resources invested in their projects.


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