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Miss Universe 2023: Preliminary Competition

miss universe 2023 starts preliminary competition

The Miss Universe 2023 Preliminary Competitions which include the swimsuit, nightgown, and national costume competition have already begun and fans are excited for the extravaganza. 

The preliminary competitions were announced on November 15 and 16, El Salvador Time.

Filipina delegate Michelle Dee pays homage to her mother in her evening gown ensemble. In choosing her gown for the evening gown competition, Dee told Vogue Philippines, “I don’t want the typical ‘Pageant Patty’ gown. It doesn’t really resonate with my personality. (this) year, I really vowed to show my authentic self– make sure that that personality of mine shines.”

The beauty queen further joked, “I told the organization right away that it’s Mark, or I’m resigning.” Michelle Dee, better known as MMD, referred to designer Mark Bumgarner. MMD further said, “No naman, but it was actually quite unanimous; almost nobody contested that decision. I was able to say ‘Mark Bumgarner’ right after I won.”

Designer Mark Bumgarner said, “Michelle came to us, and the first thing I told her was ‘Sige, I’ll do it, as long as you don’t expect a pageant gown.” Bumgarner designed Michelle Dee’s gowns and still laughs at the viewers’ shock. Bumgarner said, “When she won with just a clean black gown with no embellishments, people were like, ‘what the hell?’” 

To the duo, black was an “understated, elegant, strong, the presence of every color at once.”

Furthermore, in the Miss Universe 2023 preliminary competition, Mega released their top picks for this year’s evening gowns. Here is the list:

  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Mongolia
  • Myanmar
  • Nicaragua
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines

Michelle Dee appears to be in the lead for the national costume of the Miss Universe 2023 preliminary competition and says, “Let’s give them a show, shall we?”

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