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Friends & Netizens React to Zeinab Harake Proposal

friends netizens react to zeinab harake proposal

Filipina vlogger Zeinab Harake will be wed to fiancee Ray Parks Jr., also known as Bobby Ray Parks Jr., in a grand proposal.

On July 7, Zeinab announced her engagement to the basketball star. The couple broke the news in a vlog titled “The Proposal.” In addition to netizens, the couple’s dear friends were also very excited about the news.

It was witnessed by their closest families and friends, including fellow vloggers Donnalyn Bartolome and Jelai Andres. Most especially, Zeinab’s kids, whom Ray views as his own, were present.

During his proposal, the athlete said, “You and the kids are my home, and I can’t imagine a life without you all.” Additionally, there were snapshots of their little family after Zeinab said yes.

The comments were filled with heartwarming comments from fans and friends. Jelai Andres herself commented, “Thank you Daddy Ray sa pagpapasaya at pag alaga kay Z and to u Zizi omg sis magkakatotoo na yung sabi ko sayo noon na kung sakali ikakasal kayo magiging korean ka e 😂 Omg Zeinab Parks ❤ Love u both! ❤🎉 Sobrang happy ko sainyong dalawa! Congrats!”

Ray also posted behind the scenes of the ring when Zeinab Harake wasn’t looking since he ordered it in February of this year. The basketball player chose a pear-shaped platinum ring surrounded by crystals.

Other notable individuals who witnessed the proposal were Zeinab’s family, Rana and Wessam Harake.

Furthermore, netizens from various social media platforms also shared their sentiments. In a Reddit thread that talks about the proposal, many people are happy for them. A commenter shared, “Not a fan, but good for her. Deserve niya sumaya.”

Another anonymous commenter shared their heartfelt sentiments by saying, “Wow. I remembered watching yung mga interviews ni Zeinab before nung bagong hiwalayan nila nung ex due to cheating and other stuff tapos sobrang depressed nya, relate ako nun. So so happy for her kahit hindi ako fan.

Sana si RP (Ray Parks Jr.) na tala yung the one for her.

Meron at meron talagang lalaki na aalagaan at mamahalin ka in spite of what you went through and will never use it against you.”

So, now it’s official! Zeinab Harake will officially be Bobby Ray Parks Jr.’s wife in the near future!

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