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Maine Mendoza responds to ‘blind item’ allegations of host rudeness: “Ako agad?”

maine mendoza responds to blind item allegations of host rudeness ako agad

In response to speculations and mentions by some netizens, Maine Mendoza has addressed a blind item regarding a female TV host allegedly banned from a beauty clinic due to rudeness.

The blind item was brought to attention by TikTok user @basicpinay and has garnered over four million views, nearly 50,000 likes, and more than 2,700 comments as of this writing.

“Da who [ang] female show host na kilala bilang masa at kalog, [napakataray] in real life,” read the caption of the post.

Further details mentioned, “According to a clinic owner, banned na ang host from her business dahil walang respeto sa staff niya ito.”

According to the TikTok post, the team of the said TV host allegedly had a deal with the beauty clinic for her preparation before a shoot.

Reportedly, the clinic staff described the TV host as snobbish, complaining, and not even making eye contact.

In the comments section, thousands of fans attempted to guess the identity behind the blind item, with many pointing fingers at Maine.

Here are some of the comments we’ve read:

“Looks like it’s Maine. My mom got turned off when they watched Eat Bulaga last week [laughing emoji]”

“It seems like Maine haha I remember her viral vids before when she threw the pen after someone asked for her autograph.”

“I counted from the beginning those who name-dropped Maine… she’s leading [laughing emojis]”

“That’s Maine, haha it’s obvious”

Meanwhile, some defended Maine and insisted they could prove the actress is kind because they’ve known her personally.

Here are their sentiments:

“Maine Mendoza is a humble person. I met her once at one of the events where she was a special guest. She’s pretty and kind.”

“I don’t think it’s Menggay [holding back tears emoji]. She is a wonderful woman [red heart emoji]”

“Hey, what about Maine Mendoza?? We’ve met her, and she’s very kind [crying emoji]”

Maine also reacted to the blind item post and seemed confused about why she was dragged into it.

She said, “Me right away? [laughing face with sweat emoji]”

Some of the netizens’ guesses in the said post include Alex Gonzaga, Kim Chiu, Mariel Rodriguez, Karylle, Melai Cantiveros, and Anne Curtis.

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