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LTO resumes operations after the New Year

lto resumes operations after the new year

MANILA, Philippines — The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has resumed its operations with a strict implementation of the ‘No Registration, No Travel’ policy.

In a statement given by LTO’s chief, Atty. Vigor Mendoza II, he clarified that they would be strict this time and would not issue warnings for unregistered vehicles.

Wala [nang] warning lang,” he said.

“As such, I would like to appeal to our delinquent motor vehicle owners to find time to renew the registration of their respective motor vehicles to avoid paying hefty fines,” he added.

The policy, implemented in November to compel the registration of 24.7 million unregistered vehicles in the country, was temporarily suspended during the holidays as a gesture of Christmas goodwill. During this period, apprehended vehicle owners received only warnings. However, this suspension concludes today as LTO resumes their operations.

Mendoza also mentioned that there would be a more assertive effort to address delinquent motor vehicles this year. This initiative aims not only to recover losses totaling P37.1 billion from registration payments and penalties but more importantly, to enhance the roadworthiness of vehicles and promote overall road safety.

The fine for driving an unregistered vehicle is said to be P10,000.

As LTO resumed its operations, they reminded the public about the necessity to renew expired driver’s licenses. They’ve also introduced the availability of plastic licenses. Individuals holding paper licenses can obtain their plastic card licenses by returning to the licensing office and presenting the corresponding receipt.

Meanwhile, LTO also clarified that everyone should not be worried about the plastic card supplies, so they must continue renewing their expired licenses.

“Meron po tayong sapat na bilang ng plastic cards to cover the printing of the driver’s licenses that expired mula April 1 hanggang September 30,” the agency said.

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