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Lourdes College’s Facebook page falls victim to cyber attack

lourdes colleges facebook page falls victim to cyber attack

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – The primary Facebook page of Lourdes College, a private Catholic school in Cagayan de Oro City, has been hacked.

The page currently displays inappropriate videos and links, which often suggests a hacked account. The problem has not been fixed, allowing these videos and links to remain on the site.

Internet users are encouraged not to click on these links and to report any such incidents. This will help prevent further damage to websites and the public.

The hacking took place on January 1, New Year’s Day, with the offensive videos being posted on the same date. 

On Tuesday, the administration of Lourdes College released updates and announcements about the hacking incident. They stated that they are now collaborating with the security team and conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the incident. 

The school has also advised the public to exercise caution regarding inappropriate videos posted on their Facebook page. Therefore, the most appropriate response is to report the issue to Meta, allowing them to develop potential solutions. 

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