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LIST: Online Jobs in the Philippines for Students in College

list online jobs in the philippines for students in college

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Numerous college students look up “online jobs for students in the Philippines” to look for financial opportunities while maintaining their studies. Working while in college is undoubtedly a skill students seeking job opportunities have to learn. There are various reasons why students look for online jobs, but time management and allocation must be mastered. Moreover, these enrollees need well-compensating jobs that do not take time from their studies.

Why Work During College?

There are numerous advantages for students looking for online jobs in the Philippines in 2024. Having a job during college shows future employers that you have valuable experience that you can bring to their workplace. Moreover, it gives students financial advantages for purchasing their needs and wants during their undergraduate years.

Online Jobs for Students

For students looking for online jobs while pursuing their undergraduate degree, looking for jobs that will maintain their studies is essential. Here’s a list of possible careers to look out for in various online job platforms.

Online Tutor

Being a student means that numerous lessons are still fresh in your mind. You can use your studies as an advantage and offer online tutoring services to fellow undergraduates or other educational attainments like high school or elementary students.

online jobs philippines for students
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Freelance Writer

There is an increased demand for freelance writers because businesses want to establish better trust with their target audience and consumers. Students constantly develop writing skills, which they can use to their advantage. Showcasing their writing skills for brands that want to produce better content is a perk.

online part time jobs for students philippines
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Online Proofreader

Similar to being a writer, this job focuses on the quality assessment of the written output as a proofreading career. Additionally, it focuses on reviewing documents to ensure their grammar, structure, and more are correct. 

online jobs philippines for students
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Data Entry

Other online jobs for students in the Philippines include data entry. Students majoring in business or accountancy have a significant advantage since this involves tasks in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. The main responsibility for this job is to ensure that your employer’s information is up to date on the spreadsheet. 

online part time jobs for students philippines
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Social Media Management

Another online part-time job for students in the Philippines is one of the most common careers for undergraduate students. Numerous students spend most of their time on social media, so many are also looking for ways to capitalize on their time spent online. This job involves improving a brand’s social media presence across multiple platforms.

online jobs for students philippines 2024
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Platforms for Online Jobs for Students

Today, various platforms serve as avenues for college students looking for jobs online. Here are a few:


Upwork is a popular platform for freelancers of all ages. There are numerous jobs available on the platform for students to apply for. However, Upwork is a very competitive platform, and students must refine their portfolios to catch employers’ eye. Moreover, Upwork may be costly for some since students must bid for their applications, and there are only a limited number of “Connects” for bidding that refresh every month.

Upwork online jobs for students philippines 2024
Source: Upwork


Fiverr is another platform usually used by freelancers specializing in digital services with over five hundred categories. These categories include graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, business, lifestyle, data, photography, and more.

Fiverr online jobs for students philippines 2024
Source: Fiverr


Although Facebook was not designed to be a platform for college students to search for jobs, numerous groups on the social media platform offer multiple opportunities. However, it is essential to discern these posts since some still need to undergo approval by an administrator.

Facebook online jobs philippines for students
Source: Facebook

But here are some Facebook groups that have online job postings:

Online Jobs PH

This platform specifically focuses on providing online jobs for Filipinos and is the largest online channel for finding and hiring virtual assistants and employees from the Philippines. Onlinejobs.PH focuses on bridging employers and Filipino job seekers to make the application process a positive experience.

Onlinejobph online jobs philippines for students
Source: Online Jobs PH

Virtual Staff PH

Just like Onlinejobs.PH, Virtual Staff PH is a channel for online jobs in the Philippines. Filipino students can search, apply, work, and get paid on their platform. There are three easy steps to getting a job with them. Job seekers must create their free account, search and apply for jobs, interview, and get hired.

Virtual staff ph online jobs philippines for students
Source: Virtual Staff PH

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are a college student looking up “part-time jobs online Philippines in 2024 for students” online and have numerous questions, this article section might help you.

How Can I Earn Money Online as a Student in the Philippines?

There are various online jobs for students in the Philippines. The jobs mentioned above are not the only careers undergraduate students can apply for. Other jobs include graphic designing, bookkeeping, transcription, and more.

What is the Best Online Job for a Student?

There is no exact answer for the best online jobs for students. Students have different strengths and weaknesses that can significantly contribute to their job performance. It all boils down to the interests and strengths of the student to find a suitable career.

Can 17-Year-Olds Work in the Philippines?

Yes, seventeen-year-olds can work in the Philippines; however, employers must follow regulations. According to Article 139 of the Labor Code of the Philippines, minors under fifteen are not allowed to work unless they are immediately supervised by their parents or guardians and the job does not involve any hazards. 

Final Thoughts

There is a broad spectrum of online jobs for students in the Philippines this 2024. These jobs are available for students who want financial gain or additional experience to add to their resume; all circumstances vary. But overall, these jobs contribute significantly to a student’s growth. However, it is also important to remember that it is essential to put one’s studies first and to prioritize getting your undergraduate degree.

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