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LIST: Cogon Wet Market Prices as of May 2021

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Another week, another day at the wet market! Make sure to list down all the items you needed to buy for a faster buying time. Also, don’t forget to bring your Higala App QR Code upon entry, and wear your face mask and shield to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 infection. Stay safe, Higala!

The following are the prices of basic goods inside the Cogon Public Market for May 2021.

Note: Actual prices may vary according to type and size.

PORK MEAT (per kilo)

Karneng BaboyPhp 290.00

CHICKEN (per kilo)

Whole ChickenPrice starts at Php 150.00

SEAFOODS (per kilo)

NokusPhp 380.00
Bangus Php 190.00
TilapiaPrice starts at Php 160.00
PidlayanPhp 180.00
KutobPhp 200.00
BurotPhp 120.00
RompiPhp 180.00
GalunggongPhp 180.00
MalasuguePhp 450.00
ShrimpsPhp 320.00
TahongPhp 100.00
LatoPhp 160.00
Guso Php 40.00
AlimangoPrice starts at Php 350.00

VEGETABLES (per kilo)

CauliflowerPhp 100.00
BroccoliPhp 110.00
CucumberPrice starts at Php 30.00
Baguio BeansPrice starts at Php 35.00
CabbagePrice starts at Php 60.00
SayotePrice starts at Php 60.00
PatatasPrice starts at Php 38.00
TalongPrice starts at Php 50.00
AmpalayaPhp 60.00
CarrotsPhp 25.00
Chinese CabbagePrice starts at Php 55.00
AtsalPrice starts at Php 70.00
Luy-aPrice starts at Php 80.00
Sibuyas bombayPhp 100.00
Ahos (Garlic)Php 90.00
KamatisPrice starts at Php 20.00
SingkamasPrice starts at Php 20.00
KalabasaPrice starts at Php 25.00
SiliPhp 50.00
UbePhp 80.00
GabiPhp 80.00
YellowPhp 20.00

(Per bugkos)

PetchayPhp 40.00
AlugbatiPhp 30.00
  • Calamansi – PHP10/salmon
  • Tanglad – 3 for PHP5

Fruits (per kilo)

WatermelonPrice starts at Php 30.00
PinyaPrice starts at Php 23.00
ManggaPhp 100.00
Saging LakatanPhp 25.00
PapayaPhp 15.00
AvocadoPhp 35.00
GuavaPhp 30.00
LemonPhp 15.00/piece
OrangePhp 30.00/piece
ApplePhp 10.00/piece

Check out images below for more price updates:

—(Source: City Economic Enterprises Department)

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