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Lazada Features and Common FAQs 

lazada features and common faqs

In today’s globalized world, people spend more time online than ever before, accessing the easily accessible world through the internet. Businesses, both small and large, can benefit from websites where people can buy and sell products. The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled businesses to rethink their strategies, as traditional business models that have been in place for decades are no longer viable, according to the International Trade Administration (ITA)

Online Business Worldwide

As stated by Yaguara, as of 2023, there are 2.64 billion online buyers worldwide, representing over 33% of the global population. During the lockdown, the use of shopping apps increased by 53% in the Philippines. Being the social media capital of the world, it’s not surprising that Filipinos spend a significant amount of time online. In response to the pandemic, businesses shifted online, resulting in a growth of online businesses from 70% in 2019 to 80.2% in 2021.

Furthermore, among Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines has experienced the highest growth in online shopping during the pandemic. It is projected that by 2025, the sales in the Philippine e-commerce market will reach $24 billion.

This article will discuss the most frequently asked questions about Lazada, one of the top three e-commerce platforms in the Philippines.As one of the top e-commerce platforms in the country, you may be curious about the origins of Lazada. When was it founded? Who is the owner of Lazada Philippines?

When Did Lazada Start in the Philippines?

Lazada Philippines was founded in March 2012 and is owned by Alibaba Group, which acquired it in 2016. The company benefits from Alibaba’s top-notch technology infrastructure.

Since then, Lazada has established itself as the leading online marketplace in Southeast Asia as well as in the country, offering a vast array of products and services to meet the needs of Filipino consumers. By 2030, the company is aiming to serve 300 million customers.


How do I order in Lazada?

To have a smooth online shopping experience, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Lazada app from Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Create a Lazada account to place an order.

Next, follow these steps to make a purchase:

  1. Use the Search Bar to find the item you want to buy.
  2. Choose from the search results and click ADD TO CART.
  3. To view the items in your cart, click the Shopping Cart Icon.
  4. Select the items you want to order and click CHECK OUT.
  5. Before placing the order, review the order details.
  6. Choose a payment method and click CONFIRM SELECTION.
  7. Once confirmed, the order will proceed to the shipping process. 

How to Cancel an Order in Lazada? 

To cancel an order on your account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “VIEW ALL ORDERS“.
  2. Select the item that you want to cancel.
  3. Next, click on the “CANCEL” button located at the bottom of the page.
  4. Choose a “CANCELLATION REASON” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click on “CONFIRM” to proceed with the cancellation.
  6. Please allow a few minutes for Lazada to process the cancellation.
  7. Once the cancellation is approved, you will receive confirmation for your order cancellation.

How to Return an Item in Lazada? 

To return an item, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Lazada app and go to your Account.
  2. Click on “View All Orders“.
  3. Select the item you wish to return.
  4. Tap on “Return/Refund

After selecting the item, you must return it through one of Lazada’s return partners. Then, you will need to wait for the seller or warehouse to complete the evaluation. If you purchased the item from a local marketplace and need to return it to the seller, please wait for their response first.

Once the evaluation is complete and your refund request is approved, you can expect the refund to be credited to your account.

Please note that the return process may vary depending on whether the item was purchased from a seller or a local marketplace, LazMall, or LazGlobal. Each seller type has its own return process.

How to Track a Lazada Order? 

Track your order using the app:

  1. Click on “View All Orders
  2. Select the order you want to track.
  3. You will see the detailed status of your order.

Track your order via CLEO:

  1. From the home page, go to “Account” and scroll down.
  2. Click on “Chat with Customer Care
  3. Click on “Track Order
  4. Choose the order you want to track, then click “Send.”
  5. Click on “Tracking Details
  6. You will see the status of your order.

Track orders via logistics partner’s website: 

Tracking details from the courier will be available once the item reaches their delivery hub, usually within 24 to 48 hours after shipping. Please check the provided links for more information.

How to Use Lazada Wallet?  

To use your Lazada Wallet balance, select Lazada Wallet as your payment method at checkout. If it’s not the recommended option, click “View more payment methods” to see all the options provided by Lazada.

If you don’t have enough funds, choose “Cash In and Pay” and complete the cash-in process within 48 hours to process your order. Remember, failure to complete the cash-in within the given time will result in automatic order cancellation.

Keep in mind that Lazada Wallet Rebates can be used for any item on Lazada, except for digital goods like mobile load and e-vouchers.


How to Delete a Lazada Account?

A. For iOS users:

  1. Access your Lazada Account.
  2. Tap on the Settings icon.
  3. Navigate to the privacy protection section and select account deletion.
  4. Proceed to enter the verification code sent via SMS.
  5. Choose the reason for deleting your account.
  6. Read and agree to the Account Deletion Terms, then submit the request.

B. For Android users: Please contact our Customer Service Specialists through the chat feature. You will receive a notification via your registered SMS and/or email once the account deletion process is complete. 

How to transfer Lazada wallet to GCash? 

  1. Log in on your Lazada App and Select Account
  2. Select Lazada Wallet and Click Balance
  3. Tap Withdraw and Select Account to Withdraw 
  4. Tap Withdrawable Deposit* 
  5. Click Let’s Start
  6. Enter the amount you want to withdraw on Withdrawable Deposit
  7. Click Add Bank Account 
  8. Tap Select Bank and Choose G-xchange/GCash 
  9. Enter your GCash Number
  10.  Click the “I agree”
  11.  Proceed to Add Bank Account 

You should see that your GCash Account is already added to your Bank Account section. 

  1.  Add the amount you want to withdraw then click Continue
  2.  Check the details you provided 
  3.  Click Confirm Withdraw
  4.  Click Send Code, enter the code you receive from your SMS and then Click Verify Code

Take note that the request verification process may take up to 3 business days. 

  1.  Scroll down and Click OK 

17. Free withdrawal per week then Php 5.00 transaction fee 

Lazada App Additional Features

How to Redeem Lazada Bonus?

Lazada Bonus is a special discount that can be collected and used during the campaign period. It can be combined with other vouchers for bigger discounts. Collect Lazada Bonus by clicking the campaign banner on the Lazada home page. 

Check your balance and validity period by clicking the arrow bar. Note that the balance will reset to zero after the validity period ends and cannot be carried over to the next campaign.

On the search page, eligible products will be labeled with the Lazada Bonus tag. Additionally, in your Shopping Cart, eligible products will also have the Lazada Bonus tag.

Please note that you must check out within the Lazada Bonus validity period in order for the bonus to be applied.

How to Request a Refund in Lazada?

  1. Go to My Account page then click View All Orders
  2. Click the product that you want to Return/Refund
  3. The Return/Refund button will be available within your item’s refund policy coverage 

To know more about Lazada’s Return/Refund, visit Lazada’s Easy Refund page in the Help Center. 

The rise of Lazada, an e-commerce platform owned by Alibaba Group, has transformed online shopping in the Philippines, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lazada, founded in 2012, is now a leading online marketplace in Southeast Asia, offering a wide range of products and services to Filipino consumers. With the growing number of online buyers and businesses, it has become a key player in the Philippine e-commerce market.

Lazada provides a user-friendly platform for ordering, canceling, returning, and tracking orders, ensuring a smooth online shopping experience.

Additionally, Lazada Wallet and Lazada Bonus offer convenience and discounts to users. As the online shopping landscape evolves, Lazada remains committed to serving its customers and expanding its reach.

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