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Kween Yasmin creates “Sekyu” spoken word poetry on KMJS

kween yasmin creates sekyu spoken word poetry on kmjs

Yasmin Asistido, also known as Kween Yasmin, gets featured in “Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho” where she was challenged to create a spoken word poetry about “Sekyu”.

In a recent episode of Jessica Soho, Kween Yasmin was featured due to her famous “Esophagus” spoken word poetry video. It gained widespread popularity across various social media platforms, contributing to Kween Yasmin’s rise to fame.

Some of her famous spoken word  poetry like “Pantog” and “Label” were also highlighted. 

Kween Yasmin said that her spoken word poetry piece, “Label,” was inspired by her personal romantic experiences. Specifically, it originated from a relationship she had with a committed family man who worked as a security guard in their neighborhood.

Jessica Soho used details from Kween Yasmin’s experiences to inspire her to write a spoken word poetry piece about ‘Sekyu,’ which translates to security in English.

Below is the spoken word poetry created by Kween Yasmin, which was made on the spot: 

Sekyu, Sekyu

ang ating seni-security para sa ating kaligtasan

para hindi tayo mapahamak sa anumang uri ng anumang hamon man ang dumating sa ating bagay-bagay, lagi siyang nandiyan.

Lagi kang kampante kapag laging nandyan ang Sekyu, Sekyu. 

Alam mo na hindi ka niya papabayaan, aalagaan ka niya 

at ise-security ka niya para hindi ka niya masaktan dati. 

Pero ngayun sinaktan ka niya and overall, and thank you.

Queen Yasmin’s “Sekyu” garnered diverse responses from online users, with some expressing criticism and backlash directed at both the content of her poetry and her delivery.

Meanwhile, experts emphasized the significance of balagtasan in Philippine culture. They urged the public to respect the cultural heritage passed down by ancestors, emphasizing the need for its proper and accurate utilization, just like how esteemed ancestors employed it.

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