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Kevin Durant compliments Stephen Curry 

kevin durant compliments stephen curry

Kevin Durant, a standout player for the Phoenix Suns, complimented his former teammate Stephen Curry, recognizing him as the three-point expert from the Golden State Warriors.

Among the NBA’s elite veterans are Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry, who are players for the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors, respectively.

Durant and Curry have frequently shown appreciation for one another as former colleagues of the Warriors and Team USA. The Suns player recently had a lot to say about Curry.

“He is [the] all-time greatest ever at his position,” Durant said after the Suns’ 113-112 loss to the Warriors. “Top 5, ever.”

Between 2016 and 2019, the two players were teammates with the Golden State Warriors, where they shared two titles (in 2017 and 2018).

Additionally, they competed for the then-underappreciated Team USA in the FIBA World Cup 2010, winning the title with an unbeaten record and Kevin Durant as tournament MVP.

Meanwhile, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant are buddies off the court, their relationship didn’t seem to be very amicable following the Golden State Warriors’ 113–112 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Saturday night.

With 0.6 seconds remaining to secure the victory, Durant tried to get a shot off on an inbounds pass, but Green cut him off.

Following that, the outspoken Warriors forward seemed to yell at Durant to “get out of here” and “this is my house” as the Suns star was leaving the court.

Devin Booker was moving away from Grayson Allen on the inbounds pass with Andrew Wiggins just in front of him, but the Warriors executed a brilliant play on the last play. Durant and Booker were in close proximity to one other.

While Durant was attempting to break free from Green and head toward the hoop, Allen decided to throw it to him. However, Allen was also in danger of committing a five-second violation, so he had to make a quick pass because the Suns were out of timeouts.

Durant did find it difficult to get past the Warriors defense, with Green getting the most of his matchups. Despite only shooting 10-of-25 from the field (2-of-8 from three-point range) and committing six turnovers, he finished with 24 points, 10 rebounds, and seven assists.

Stephen Curry’s three-pointer to give the Warriors the lead set up that final play. Following a low scoring performance of nine points against the Indiana Pacers on February 7, he is 20 of 32 from outside the arc in his last two games.

Golden State’s current four-game winning streak has allowed them to claw their way back to.500 at 25-25. Phoenix’s three-game winning streak was ended by the loss.


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