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KDLex sets new standards for Star Magical Prom 2024 “promposals”


As the Star Magical Prom 2024 approaches, KD Estrada has just set a high bar for promposals with a heartwarming gesture that showcases a delightful burst of ‘green flag energy.’ 

The much-anticipated event witnessed an adorable promposal moment with everyone talking, particularly fans of the beloved showbiz loveteam, KDLex.

KD Estrada orchestrated a surprise under the guise of a vlog session, inviting Alexa Ilacad as his special guest. A cooking segment where Estrada would showcase his culinary skills by preparing dishes tailored to Alexa Ilacad’s taste. 

The menu featured Greek Spinach Pops and Gyukatsu, carefully chosen based on Alexa’s preferences, underscoring KD Estrada’s thoughtful approach. 

“For me, it’s more heartfelt when I prepare the food myself because it’s made with love,” Estrada explained, highlighting the personal touch behind his promposal plan.

The surprise took a charming turn when their pet, Cola, unexpectedly joined them. Alexa Ilacad’s confusion quickly turned into joy as she discovered a message from Cola asking, 

“Mommy, will you go to prom with Daddy?” This moment of pure authenticity captivated both KDLex and the fans, with her immediate focus on Cola before realizing the significance of the question posed to her. 

Despite initially not expecting a formal promposal, as the pair had already planned to attend the event together, Alexa Ilacad’s response was a resounding “Yes! A hundred percent.”

This sweet gesture speaks volumes about the dynamics of their relationship, Alexa’s reaction further solidified the bond between the two, admitting her surprise and delight at the thoughtful promposal, especially considering the prom was merely a day away.

Adding to the charm of the day was Alexa’s praise for KD Estrada’s cooking, affirming his talent in the kitchen with a glowing 5-star review. 

She humorously commented on the experience, saying, “Nakaka-gorgeous din pala,” about being ‘promposed’, highlighting their relationship’s unique and endearing nature.

Fans of KDLex are eagerly looking forward to catching the couple at the Star Magical Prom this Thursday, March 14, where they will undoubtedly be one of the evening’s highlights. 

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