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How to get an Occupational Permit in Davao City?

How to get an Occupational Permit in Davao City

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Davao City, one of the major cities in the Philippine archipelago, has seen consistent growth in the last decades. People from nearby towns have moved into Davao City looking for a better life, unlocking many business opportunities and varying occupations. But, how do you get an Occupational Permit in Davao City? 

An Occupational Permit is used to prove that you work in that city. The permit can be helpful for jobs that can harm public security, such as Locksmiths, Gunsmiths, For-Hire-Drivers, and Private Investigators. Business Owners can also use occupational permits for applying for a business permit as proof that their occupation is related to their business. 

How can I get an Occupational Permit in Davao City In-Person?

For a walk-in application, first, you should get a Certificate of Employment from your employer. Then, get a Medical Certificate if it’s needed for your job. After obtaining the Certificate of Employment (and Medical Certificate), you must go to the Davao City Hall and get your Cedula. 

The City Hall is Located in Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur. For those applying from a different city, a famous landmark near it is Osmeña Park so use this as a reference point.

Cedula will require payment of around Php 125. In addition, you should ask for the official receipt since it is also a requirement. After obtaining these documents, you can proceed inside the City Hall. 

Once inside the building, head straight until you find a desk with the words for Occupational Permit.

Note: Even though the Covid Protocols have loosened up, please continue to observe proper distancing and wearing of a mask.

How can I get an Occupational Permit in Davao City Online?

Online registration for government applications has been a trend due to the Covid-19 pandemic, including the application for an Occupational Permit, which has traditionally been an offline transaction due to the lack of means to pay online. However, the advent of E-wallets also opened an opportunity to transact online and has brought about the digitalization of government transactions.

Before applying online, ensure you also have a scanned copy or image of the following documents.

  • Certificate of Employment
  • Health Certificate (if required for the job)
  • PSA Copy of your birth certificate or Affidavit of Consent (if the applicant is minor)
  • Official Receipt of the Cedula

After securing the requirements, visit the official Online Occupational Permit website of Davao city: https://occupationalpermit.davaocity.gov.ph/

Since you plan on getting an Occupational Permit, click on Create Application. You will then be redirected to an online form where you must fill out all the necessary details.

Once you complete the form, wait for confirmation that it has been successfully submitted. You can then check if your application has been approved or not by clicking on the Check Application Status button on the main page.

If you wish to renew your Occupational Permit, you can select the next button with Renew Application. 

You can also pay online using your Landbank and DBP accounts. However, besides using online banking, you will need to pay in person at the City Hall for a successful transaction.

Final Remarks

Occupational Permits are an integral part of keeping records in the government. Not only that, but you are also legally bound by laws to obtain one if you wish to profit off your craft.

Davao City has come a long way from the conventional method of application to the now modern and improved way of dealing with applicants faster and more efficiently.

Avoid long lines and walking in the heat by getting an Occupational Permit online in Davao City. – WhatALife!

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