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How to Activate Roaming for Smart (Prepaid and Postpaid)

how to activate roaming for globe prepaid and postpaid

Accessing Smart roaming services offers great online convenience, especially when abroad.  So, before taking a plane out of the country, you should make sure you are subscribed to your plan in advance. In this guide, you will explore how to roam on Smart, from subscription selection to device activation.

Subscribe to a Smart Data Roaming Plan

The first step in knowing how to roam on Smart is subscribing to the provider’s data plan. Below are the steps on how to subscribe to your selected data plan:

  1. Visit the Smart GigaRoam website with your computer or mobile device. On the page, Tap “Select Country” and choose your destination before clicking “Continue.”
  1. On the next page, you’ll see a list of Smart Data roaming plans. Look into the price, offer details, and validity period for each plan. Tap on the plan you want to register. Click “Proceed” afterward.
  1. Provide your mobile number in the provided field. Provide only the last ten (10) digits of your numbers should be entered. The country code +63 has been specified in advance. Click “Proceed,” and you will receive a one-time password. 
  1. Enter the six-digit OTP on the next field. Tick the box for “I agree to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy of this site.” Tap on “Proceed” to move on to the next page.
  1. Select your payment option. The selected options may be as follows:
  • Charge to Mobile – Payment will be deducted from your prepaid load balance or charged to your monthly bill for postpaid.
  • Credit/Debit Card – Payment will be charged through your card. For this option, you are required to enter your card details, such as card number, expiry date, and card verification value (CVV).
  • Maya – Payment will be charged to your Maya e-wallet. Choosing this option will redirect you to your Maya app for confirmation.

Double-check if you have an existing load balance before tapping on “Pay Now” to proceed with the payment. 

Checking Out The Smart Data Roaming Plan Offers

Smart roaming plans can vary on data limit, price range, and validity. What’s more, these roaming plans are accessible in over 70 countries.

Here are the lists of some of Smart‘s active roaming subscriptions. Every plan under the list offers coverage globally:

Each subscription plan under “GigaRoam” comes with open access for web surfing, video streaming, and social media app usage.
PHP 6991GBValid for 5 days.
PHP 1,8993GBValid for 15 days.
PHP 4,89915GBValid for 90 days.
GigaRoam Plans
Each subscription plan under “RoamFacebook” comes with open access for Facebook and Messenger use only.
PHP 150100MBValid for 1 day only.
PHP 250200MBValid for 3 days.
RoamFacebook Plans
Each subscription plan under “RoamLite” comes with open access for web surfing and social media app usage.
PHP 150100MBValid for 1 day only.
PHP 250200MBValid for 3 days.
RoamLite Plans

Ways to Activate Your Roaming Service

After you have gone through the subscription steps, your roaming service will be activated once you arrive at your destination. There are different methods on how to activate Smart roaming services:

  • Roaming on Postpaid: For Smart postpaid roaming, call *888 or *800 to confirm your subscription plan is activated.
  • Roaming on Prepaid: For Smart prepaid roaming, text ROAM ON to 333 before you travel. Upon returning to the Philippines, text ROAM OFF to the same number. 

How to Turn on Your Roaming Service by Device

Once you have set up your Smart roaming plan, there are various ways to turn the roaming service on. These steps also vary depending on what type of mobile device you are currently using. It is important to turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi and turn on mobile data before going through the following steps.

For Android Phones

The following details the step on how to roam on Smart through Android devices:

  1. Open the Settings App.
  2. Tap Mobile Network.
  3. Toggle on Mobile Data.
  4. Select the option where your Smart SIM is installed.
  5. Toggle on Data Roaming.
  6. Tap “Turn On” if required.

For iOS Devices:

The following steps are for smart roaming activation through iOS devices:

  1. Open the Settings App.
  2. Choose Cellular.
  3. Select on Cellular Data option.
  4. Click Cellular Data Options.
  5. Toggle on “Data Roaming.”

FAQs Regarding Smart Roaming Service

Listed below are some of the most common questions users inquire regarding Smart Roaming subscription plans.

How will I know if my roaming service is active?

It is recommended that you check their roaming service subscription before traveling to their destination. You can either reach out at *888 / *800 for Smart Infinity Users or message Smart’s Facebook Page.

Will I be charged for calls and messages while roaming?

Users will not be charged for receiving messages and will only be charged PHP18 (from Asia and America) or PHP 23 (from other destinations). Charges for calls may vary depending on the roaming plan. You may refer to the list of packages for more details.

Can I subscribe to multiple roaming packages simultaneously?

Yes, Smart has activated the feature to allow users to subscribe to multiple roaming packages at the same time. The system will use up the first subscribed package first and then will automatically move on to the next package.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how to roam on Smart while abroad saves you the hassle of finding the nearest source to go online. Subscribing on roaming service plans gives you seamless connectivity no matter where you go. Through these services, you can watch your favorite Netflix series, stay in touch with loved ones, or update yourself with the latest trends on your destination.

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