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House of Representatives approves climate change emergency bill

house of representatives approves climate change emergency bill

MANILA, Philippines – The House of Representatives approves the third and final reading of a bill declaring a climate change emergency in the Philippines. 

The House Committee on Climate Change explained its importance to provide measures seeking to enhance the resiliency and preparedness of the country to the effects of climate change.

The bill declares that the country is in a state of climate emergency, addressing the need for the government to provide actions to stop human created global warming, limit its effects on the people and its surrounding, and provide enough funds for climate mitigation efforts.

It also creates a Climate Change Resilience and Adaptability Program for the development and implementation of possible solutions to mitigate the devastating impacts of climate change.

Meanwhile, 238 lawmakers voted in favor of House Bill 9084 or the proposed Climate Change Resilience Act which was unanimously approved on Wednesday, just a day before the start of COP28 climate negotiations in Dubai. 

Groups have been calling on the national government to declare a climate emergency in the country. The Philippines is one of the countries most vulnerable to the impacts of the climate crisis, with poor and rural communities bearing the pain of disasters that occurred. 

The bill also requires the coordination, in a multi-sectoral approach, of the national government, local government units, private entities, civil society organizations, and non-government organizations in addressing the matter.

It also mandates that an annual Climate Change Resilience and Adaptability Summit should be held in the second week of September every year to be headed by the Climate Change Commission.

In October, the government of Albay declared a state of climate emergency in the cyclone-prone province. It committed to reduce the province’s greenhouse gas emissions and prioritize renewable energy investments.

Major cities such as Quezon City and Makati City have also declared a state of climate emergency.

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